At Fethiye Times we receive lots of messages from readers sharing their experiences and love of Fethiye with us. In March this year we received a very excited message from Yuriy and Lena, a couple from the Ukraine, who were planning a trip to Fethiye.

A visit to Fethiye - a readers story
Yuriy and Helen

Yuriy and Lena had such an amazing time they wanted to share their visit with us.

A message from a reader

March 2107 ” Good morning. I really like your articles in Fethiye Times and am very keen on Fethiye. I have used Google Earth to explore the sights and it is amazing. I am trying to understand more about this place, not just the blue lagoon, paragliding and sightseeing and your articles have given me some things to think about. My wife and I are going to be in Fethiye in June. Being a filmmaker, I have made a lot of plans to film about Fethiye but my wife is talking to me – “It’s just a holiday trip”. Thank you again.”

True to their word, Yuriy and Lena visited Fethiye in June and this is what they had to say.

Fethiye – in the words (and photos) of Yuriy and Lena.

June 2017

Kyiv – Ankara – Antalya – FETHIYE – Antalya – Ankara – Kyiv.

“It was not by chance that our choice fell on Fethiye. On long winter evenings an overwhelming yen for our sweet Turkey crept up on us. We have already visited Turkey several times , but mainly in Istanbul, Antalya, and once briefly visited Fethiye during a bus tour.

After detailed consideration of the map, and having read lots of reviews, we decided to spend a week in Fethiye, and rent an apartment through Airbnb. Finally, it was a sale on tickets to Ankara that urged us to plan our journey.

A visit to Fethiye - a readers story

The package tours option, the type of all inclusive, was never on the list for us. We love the true thing in every sense.

Ankara is not the nearest city to Fethiye, which added to the excitement. Complications often imply possibilities for an adventure, therefore we chose not a direct flight, but a trip with two transfers.”

First impressions

“Our first impression was the road from Antalya to Fethiye. A way down the valley made our hearts beat quicker. Considerably quicker, than expected!

The bus terminal in Fethiye – a few blocks down the streets – and we are at the sea front.

A visit to Fethiye - a readers storyIt is quite difficult to describe that rush of feelings when faced with the sea and the mountains. It is as if you are inside a cup with the warm sea gently swashing at your feet.

Smiles, cats, sportsmen, people on the promenade, the yet unfamiliar “Merhaba” from a smiling salesman.

People are fuss-free glad to see you, ready to render assistance and not to bother you, if you’re not in the mood. Any stereotypes about “obtrusive service” here go against the reality, which is friendly and nonintrusive.

That feeling, as if you returned home. Home which you have almost forgotten, yet still you are remembered by the inhabitants.”

Where did we stay?

“We were very lucky with the rent of an apartment. We were about to stay in Ölüdeniz, close to the Blue Lagoon, but fortune brought us to Fatih’s apartment, which is located next to Çalış Beach.

A visit to Fethiye - a readers storyA visit to Fethiye - a readers story

We spent 6 days there, a marvelous experience for us, both because of a very friendly and hospitable house-owner, and of the extremely convenient location itself.

Saying that we got money’s worth is an understatement!”

Getting around

“It’s about 5 kilometres from Fethiye to the apartment we rented. Fatih, the apartment’s owner, did explain how to get there by public bus. Do you think we ever used it? No! In spite of magnificent buses, we just couldn’t help walking along the seafront.

A visit to Fethiye - a readers story

We are fond of an active style of life and choosing Fethiye was just right. We walked round the town and rode bicycles from Karataş Plajı up to Orman Piknik Alanı.

A visit to Fethiye - a readers story

A visit to Fethiye - a readers story

We must admit, it’s rather difficult to move on, as we stopped to take a picture every five meters along the way!”

A visit to Fethiye - a readers story
Yuriy – A picture every 5 meters

You need to just stand still!

“Back at home, in Kyiv, I set up an intensive program for each day. Reality amended it!  It turned out that, in order to get the charge of positive emotions or an unforgettable experience you need to just…stand still!

A visit to Fethiye - a readers story
In order to get the charge of positive emotions or an unforgettable experience you need to just…stand still!

I exaggerate a bit, but we were in a state of delight at every step.”

A visit to Fethiye - a readers story
Lena – a state of delight at every step

Did anything upset us?

“Were there any things that upset us? Perhaps, yes. Lots of smokers, but this is true about all Turkey, and we almost came to terms with it. Then, lots of garbage on the slopes of Orman Piknik Alanı. It disappointed us, of course. We believe that this question will be gradually decided by the local community.”


“Because we cooked at home, the Market (Bazaar) was on our program. We were lucky to visit two Markets – on Friday which is held in Fethiye, and on Sunday, not far from our apartment in Çalış.

A visit to Fethiye - a readers story

A visit to Fethiye - a readers story

A visit to Fethiye - a readers story

I would call the Market the most active tourist attraction in Fethiye. Even if you understand not a word in Turkish, you must visit this place. Apart from an enormous choice of products, you will dive into the atmosphere and feel the real life of the place much better.”

A visit to Kayaköy

“On one of our last days there, the owner of the apartment took us to visit his friends in Kayaköy. It’s written much about Kayaköy, so I’ll not go into details.

A visit to Fethiye - a readers storyA visit to Fethiye - a readers story A visit to Fethiye - a readers story
The strongest impression we took out of this visit was the communication with this nice couple and their attitude to life – positive, unhurried, open, full of dignity”.

Making friends

“Another ‘problem’ is, if you are positive and ready to communicate, you’ll get acquainted with lots of people pretty soon, and in a week some of them you will consider your friends. In this way we made friends with a lady named Deniz, the owner of the sorbet stand at the seafront. We were talking about cooking and application of some spices in Turkish cuisine. Within in a few days we were invited to visit her for a cup of tea or coffee next time we were in Fethiye. Amazing!

A visit to Fethiye - a readers story

We do not claim to “fully understand” Fethiye and people living here, but that what we felt touched us to the depth of the hearts.

A visit to Fethiye - a readers story

And what we finally understood, is that one week in Fethiye is almost nothing, but the positive emotions of this only one week will last for a long time.

This was the first real visit and it made us understand that this is only the beginning!
and be back.
Yura, Lena”.


“I have to mention some people, who made our trip “colorful”. Fatih Koç Tourleader – we hired his apartment. He was really great host and friend.  He also invited us to meet his friend, Çetin Bilgin in Kayakoy. It was an amazing trip.

In Fethiye, on the seafront we met a great woman – Deniz – the owner of a small sorbet shop. Several evenings Helen talked with her about local spices.

And special thanks to Lyn! – Your articles and attitude gave us more confidence in our exploring in Fethiye.

THANK YOU for your time (maybe even – Fethiye Time)”

More about Yuriy and Lena

Lena is a professional photographer and interpreter (Russian-Ukrainian-English). She studied Japanese and Spanish at the University. She is also keen on Indian astrology (Jyotish) and vegetarian food. In her free time she’s a semiprofessional rower.

Yuriy runs his own small video production (commercials) company and sometimes works as a director or a producer on short movies.

They live in Kiev, but are originally from Odessa (Black sea coast).


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