The way that the Turkish Government administers applications and permits to allow foreigners to reside in Turkey will change from Monday 18 May 2015.

The new national system replaces the old, cumbersome, confusing and time consuming locally administered permits system with a new system for all of the 81 Turkish provinces.

The Directorate General of Migration Management has now largely completed its hard infrastructure, equipment, GÖÇ-NET software system and hardware, staff recruitment and training and subsidiary legislation practices and will go live with the system open for forest applications from the 18 May 2015.

The website application process and detailed instructions are available in the English language.

Turkish Foreigner Residence Permit – What Will Successful Applicants Receive?

Residency requests received are evaluated by Directorate General for Migration Management.

If successful the applicants new “Residence permit” is then printed in Ankara from the GÖÇ-NET system and sent to the foreign applicant at their address by the Turkish postal service (the PTT) in a special envelope.

Included in the envelope will be a letter signed by the Minister of Interior Efkan Ala and informative brochures prepared in five languages, namely Turkish, English, German, Arabic and Russian.

Turkish foreign residence permit Directorate
Turkish foreign residence permit Directorate

How to Make an Application for a Turkish Foreigners Residence Permit

Full details on how to make an application for the following:

Turkish short-term residence permit applications

documents required for Turkish family residence permit applications

documents required for Turkish student residence permit applications

documents required for Turkish long-term residence permit applications

points to take into consideration for the Turkish residence permit application

Information on Turkish residence permit holder’s requests

Can be found at the link here Turkish residence permit application website

More Links

The website of the Turkish Directorate General for Migration Management is comprehensive and includes information and answers to many questions.

The Law No 6458 on “Foreigners and International Protection” available in 10 languages is also available on the official Turkish residence permit application website




  1. Now that it is no longer possible to change ones address in Fethiye at the Nufus and passport office how about an article helping people with the documents needed to do this by post to Mugla. I cannot face the journey to the Mugla office on the dolmus and have been told I can change my address by post. I wonder that this can’t be done electronically. Can you help at all? Thanks.

    • Hi Wilma, Thanks for your comment, information and suggestion. We have chosen not to written anything ourselves about residency permits etc as the procedure is still in a state of flux and changing by the moment. Since the chaos that followed the SGK changes a few years ago that caught a lot of newspapers out with inaccurate advice, we have always recommended that foreign nationals read the information from their own consulates. The situation is that at the moment each office and region seems to have its own way of doing things – what happens in Antalya is different from Muğla and so on. However, as the situation becomes clearer FT will certainly be writing a story along the lines you suggest.

  2. My wife and I need to extend our current residency. Are you aware of anyone that has used this renewal service yet, and if so what problems did they encounter.
    Many thanks and keep up the good work with this site.

    • Thanks for your kind feedback, Philip. We understand many people are now using this service and so far we’ve not received any negative comments. One of the most important things to remember, and which has caused a few hiccups, is that your completed form needs to be printed, so make sure you have this facility before you start. We have heard the the website gets very busy from time to time, making it difficult to access.This means you should leave sufficient time to complete and send your form before your residency permit expires. Furthermore, this only applies to extensions, not first time applications, when your residency has lapsed or if you’ve been out of Turkey for more than 120 days within a 12 month period, when you will have to make an appointment to go to Muğla. Hope this helps. Please let us know as your experience may well help our readers.

  3. How can I contact the Immigration Office in Mugla to chase up for LONG TERM RESIDENCY PERMIT which I processed and delivered to the office in August. I had an interview which last for 40 minutes
    and I was told they will contact me in a few months time. I have been living in Turkey for 9 years and residency permits have been consectutive according to their requirements.

  4. Due to being stuck in the UK when our residency was due, we had to apply for a new one even though we had been living here for 10 years with full residency. With the help of a very good Turkish speaking friend. We applied on line for a new 1 year residency and hoped they would understand our situation. Alas no we could only have a year one.
    So at the appointed time, as given on the Web site, off we went to Mugla by bus. Got a taxi to the offices and was interviewed, then given a form to enable us to pay the fee at Mugla’s tax office.
    Fee paid, back to office to collect photocopy of new residency until new one arrives by post.
    Taxi back to otogar, bus back to Fethiye.
    Do make sure that you have an absolute copy of everything you need, including bank statements, both Turkish and UK and you have paid a fee at your local tax office for your new card. Also the interview takes 1 hour but the trip, because of demand for the minibus and wating time can be 7 hours. It took us 12 hours. Cards arrived 2 weeks later by post.

  5. My short term residence expired in July 2015 unfortunately I did not re new it.
    I owe a house in Fethiye and
    I live in Jordan .now I am going back to turkey for 2 weeks .
    Can I re new the residence on line without going to Mugla

  6. as residency permit holders we renewed residency early April so all would be in place for date it run out all went through ok and we were granted it .We are flying back to the uk on Monday 30th ,and permits have not arrived although we have had text message to say it has been posted and it would be delivered by ptt in special envelope but up to date we haven’t received them , can we get an exiting visa at Dalaman or what can we do ? thank you

  7. What does below status this mean and what should i do ?

    Your Application Status : There is a Problem at the Phase of Card Printing. It is required to apply to Provincial Directorate of Migration Management.

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