Here at Fethiye Times, we receive a lot of enquiries asking whether there is a bus service that operates from Fethiye to Dalaman airport.

The answer is yes, there are two great value bus services linking Fethiye with Dalaman Airport.

From Fethiye the services run from the Fethiye bus station (Otogar).

Havaş bus

The official airport bus for passengers of Turkish Airlines (THY) and other domestic flights is run by Havaş. Havaş buses are easily identified by the livery.

Dalaman Airport Bus Services

Anyone can use their service. The bus departures are timed with the arrival of domestic flights. There are flights more or less throughout the day so it is pretty good coverage in the summer season. The service runs all year.

Please click here for the Havaş bus timetable

Muttaş bus

The regional council run a bus between Dalaman Airport and Fethiye every day.

This service is run by Muğla Büyükşehir Belediyesi (Regional Council) and is operated by the Muttaş company. These buses can also be easily identified by the livery as seen in the photograph below.

Fethiye to Dalaman Airport Bus Service

Please click here for the Muttaş bus timetable

Great value

Travellers will be pleased to learn that the journey will be good value too as fares are less than 20TL each way (prices correct at the time of publication).

Will the Service be Right for You?

That question depends on a number of things. Where you are going to, when will your flight arrive or depart and how many are in your group.

Certainly for singles or couples who are travelling independently, are arriving or departing during the service times and don’t mind taking a dolmuş to their final destination once in Fethiye then this service could be ideal.

However, for families who are staying in a villa off the beaten track a private transfer or car hire are probably still the most practical and best value. So it all depends on travellers circumstances.

Please note all times are subject to change and you should always check with the operator on times.

Other Ways to Get to and From Dalaman Airport

Please see our comprehensive article Getting from Dalaman Airport to Your Turkish Holiday Destination


  1. Hello,
    I wanna ask that I will be traveling to Fethiye to IST on 8th Sep 2017 i.e a friday hope fully and i have a flight ealry morning at 8 am, so is that ok to take your 6 am ride as mentioned above from Fethiye to DALAMAN airport.
    Kindly confirm the punctuality of depart times from fethiye and also the time duration it will take to reach airport.
    Also note my family(WIFE + INFANT) accompanying with me.

    • Hello Faraz

      Thank you for your comment.

      Fethiye Times only provides information to our readers. You need to go to Fethiye bus station (otogar) to catch the airport bus. They run regularly to the airport for all domestic flights.

      Kind regards

  2. Or, if you are near enough walk, or get a lift to anywhere on its route. For example, the junction with the Citroen and be VW car showrooms, and be there about the time the bus is due to leave the Otogar, then flag it down as it comes down the Günlük bası road. Out your suitcase out on the pavement, and it will always stop for you.

  3. Hi Is the bus still running from the Airport (Dalaman) to Fethiye? Where is the bus stand located at the airport please, is there any signage us non Turkish speaking people?
    Kind Regards

    • Hi Ali

      There is a bus that runs from Dalaman airport for domestic flights.If you speak with one of the holiday reps that work at the airport they will be able to point you n the right direction.

      For International flights, you will need to book a transfer to your destination.

      • Thanks Lyn for your response, still bit confused. Are you saying that people traveling from Uk cannot use the Muttas service? Or is that not running in October?
        Kind Regards

        • Hi Noor.

          Anyone can use the airport service buses but the timings coincide with domestic flights coming in.

          Kind regards


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