Here at Fethiye Times, we receive a lot of enquiries asking whether there is a bus service that operates from Fethiye to Dalaman airport.

The answer is yes, there are two great value bus services linking Fethiye with Dalaman Airport.

From Fethiye the services run from the Fethiye bus station (Otogar).

Havaş bus

The official airport bus for passengers of Turkish Airlines (THY) and other domestic flights is run by Havaş. Havaş buses are easily identified by the livery.

Dalaman Airport Bus Services

Anyone can use their service. The bus departures are timed with the arrival of domestic flights. There are flights more or less throughout the day so it is pretty good coverage in the summer season. The service runs all year.

Please click here for the Havaş bus timetable

Muttaş bus

The regional council run a bus between Dalaman Airport and Fethiye every day.

This service is run by Muğla Büyükşehir Belediyesi (Regional Council) and is operated by the Muttaş company. These buses can also be easily identified by the livery as seen in the photograph below.

Fethiye to Dalaman Airport Bus Service

Please click here for the Muttaş bus timetable

Great value

Travellers will be pleased to learn that the journey will be good value too as fares are less than 20TL each way (prices correct at the time of publication).

Will the Service be Right for You?

That question depends on a number of things. Where you are going to, when will your flight arrive or depart and how many are in your group.

Certainly for singles or couples who are travelling independently, are arriving or departing during the service times and don’t mind taking a dolmuş to their final destination once in Fethiye then this service could be ideal.

However, for families who are staying in a villa off the beaten track a private transfer or car hire are probably still the most practical and best value. So it all depends on travellers circumstances.

Please note all times are subject to change and you should always check with the operator on times.

Other Ways to Get to and From Dalaman Airport

Please see our comprehensive article Getting from Dalaman Airport to Your Turkish Holiday Destination


  1. This is great news and great value.
    The Havas bus is also very good, it’s actually 10tl each way, not 20tl as stated in this article.
    I wonder if the bus will have any other stops for those who don’t live in Fethiye? For example if living in Calis you would need to get a taxi to the Otogar before 7am, in which case a transfer company would still work out cheaper.

    • Linda. Thank you you are correct. We included the return fare price but will update to the single so we are comparing like with like.

      We will try to find the answers to the other questions.

    • Or, if you are near enough walk, or get a lift to anywhere on its route. For example, the junction with the Citroen and be VW car showrooms, and be there about the time the bus is due to leave the Otogar, then flag it down as it comes down the Günlük bası road. Out your suitcase out on the pavement, and it will always stop for you.

  2. Got the MUTTAŞ bus this morning from Dalaman to Fethiye. Arrived domestic from SAW Istanbul, buses waiting outside terminal, one for Marmaris and one for Fethiye (interestingly no Havas bus for Fethiye today only a Marmaris service). Bus also picked up at the International terminal. 7.50 TL fare, comfy air conditioned midibus, pleasant driver. Everyone got off at the otogar, no stops on the way but that doesn’t necessarily mean it wouldn’t stop. Great service!

  3. Great service and price especially if you are travelling in a group or a family. Only strange thing is why are the times from Fethiye the same (bar a couple) as the Havas service which seems a bit strange given they are both leaving at the same time. I would have thought that a 15 minute time difference would have been more sensible so not to clash.

  4. Great news, but why no time table from airport to Fethiye,is the last bus after 10-30 pm !!!!

  5. Can you only pick this bus up at the Otogar ?? Surely it would be beneficial to pick up maybe in Gunlukbasi or maybe have a Calis pick up place too!!

  6. Guys what do you want for 7.50tl ! it sounds like its going to be a good service why start finding fault already, I think its great that its a direct service especially if you have been on a long journey or have a long journey ahead … Good Luck with the new service guys, remember you cant please everyone !

  7. Can we get the times from the Airport please and whether the bus will stop en route on request, as the Havas does

    • Thank you for your comment Susan. In reply when we have reliable information we will publish it.

  8. Now im at the otogar it is almost 12.00 o clock but there is no muttas cars around here. That means ur not punctual

  9. will defo use in oct,great value for money,,,,,if are doing service from airport to fethiye,,,how soon ?am arriving 24th sept,thanks


    Monday to Sunday

    08:20 09:25 10:35 11:30 12:30 13:15 14:00 18:50 20:10 21:10 21:50 23:10 23:55

    These are the timings from the airport, taken from the official web page.

  11. great to have the airport departure times. Do we know yet whether they will stop at points along the route, to pick up and set down, as the Havas bus does? Eg in Gunlukbasi, Ciftlik, Gocek? Has anyone tried this? I usually just hail the Havas on Adnan Menderes and I’ve seen others do so at Gocek and various odd points along the route

    • Thanks for your comment, Susan. We were told by MUTTAS at the time this story was originally written that this was a direct service with no stops en-route but of course things may have changed. Anybody who has used the service and can comment first hand on their experience could maybe post some more info here.

  12. We will be arriving from Berlin at 22:25 on the 24th September to the Dalaman Airport. Are there any late night shuttle to Fethiye?
    Thank you!

  13. Has anyone discovered whether they pick up/drop off along the route, as the Havas does? Is the Havas still running otherwise?

  14. My husband and I caught this bus on 3rd September, great service,when the driver knew we were heading near by Kipa at Calis he stopped by a taxi on the Gunlibasi road,called the taxi over and we were at our apartment within 2minutes. The taxi would have cost a lot more from the bus station. What a great driver, highly recommended. Well done.

  15. the good news is, that the very helpful and charming driver stopped on request en route into Fethiye.
    the less good news is that, having landed at 20.30 and been in the car park at 20.55, waiting for the 21.10 bus….the first one to appear was at 21.50 – not sure if that was delayed 21.10 or very prompt 21.50 !

  16. This looks like a great service.
    We need to travel Fethiye -> Dalaman on Tuesday 7 Oct to arrive by 19:00 … not sure how long the journey is, what time bus should we catch ?
    Is it really only around GBP 2 ?
    Thanks for assistance

  17. Will this bus be running in winter/out of season
    It would be great if it was. As I travel alone and be much more convenient and cheaper for me.

  18. I would recommend takıng Havaş or Muttas bus only for Dalaman as all the remaınıng bus companıes at Fethıye Otogar charge exhorbıtantly to go to Dalaman aırport and after takıng money, wıll drop you ın the mıddle of Dalaman cıty. My frıends got cheated lıke thıs once.

    • The Fethiye – Marmaris service passes by Dalaman but now stops many km away on the main road outside the town.

  19. am travelling on 6th December to Dalaman.
    After reading comments above I couldn’t see related links to my question…apologies if just
    missed it…
    Will this service be operating in December?
    How long is the journey (taking into account stops)?

  20. Gooday

    Does this service run all year round? dont seem to be able to get on to their website are they still running this service…Please advise


  21. We’ve just called Muttas and they ARE running through Autumn & Winter, but they are in the process of changing the timetable. We’ve been told to call again one day before we travel to check the new times of the buses until the timetable is published.

  22. I checked the link in the article and the full timetable was still showing. I arrived last night 21.00 from uk and waited for the 21.10… no (havas or) Muttas bus at international terminal by 21.20. so I walked over to the domestic and found Muttas there, offering a much reduced service, only 4 all day…got the last one which went at 21.50 but it didnt go round to international terminal. They had a timetable in the bus, for this week only though

  23. I have been looking for a bus from Marmaris bus station to dalaman airport, but not having much luck. Any ideas? Thanks!

  24. I am arriving from London via Istanbul at 7.30 am. with Pegasus so my luggage will be taken to the international airport. is it obvious where the bus stops. as I don’t want to be wandering around looking for it and miss it.
    Would I be able to pick up luggage and walk back through to the domestic airport to find the bus. . if anybody has a photo of what the bus pick up point looks like it would help to identify it or is it just waiting large as life in the car park
    any information would be of help

    • If you ask an official at Dalaman airport they will tell you where the MUTTAŞ (pronounced Muttash) Buses leave from.

  25. Thanks Jane. By official do you mean the guys on the doors on the way out. (Customs?) or anyone outside. as I am not sure if I have to go back to domestic terminal and if so is it just a walk through the car park, or is there a barrier between domestic and international.

  26. I will be travelling next week Feb 2015, I cannot find a timetable from Dalaman to Fethiye , can anyone help please.

  27. PS.
    I will be travelling from London, the only flight that day, do I have to go to the domestic terminal ?

    • If there is a bus that coincides with your flight it should come to the international terminal but please also make your own enquiries with MUTTAŞ.

  28. Does this service run the same schedule in May? I will be arriving on May 18th from Istanbul at 12:pm and would like to know if the 12:30 and 2:15 buses to Fethiye will be going on that day and where I can pick it up. Liz

  29. Did post a query to you just now but not sure it went! Need to be at Dalaman Airport on Monday 25th at 20.45pm for flight 2B 3149 departing at 22.45. Thinking of getting the bus leaving Fethiye at 16.30pm as that would be just great!!! Due to lack of demand is there a chance that this bus might be cancelled????The 12.00 on gives me a long wait at Dalaman for somebody with a back problem. Can I book a seat on this bus. Travelling to Fethiye from Kalkan!

    Kind Regards.

    Audrey Johnson.

    • We can only suggest you look at the MUTTAŞ website Audrey. All the information is there. There is a link in this article. Good luck with your journey.

  30. My family and I are coming back to Fethiye for the 5 year and I would like to hire a bicycle does any one know of a local hire shop in Calis.

    • Hi Paul. There are a number of places that hire bikes. There are a couple on the Calis Beach promenade and another shop on Baris Mancho road by the roundabout to the Sunday market.

      Hope that helps.

      If adders know of anywhere else please add your comments.

  31. We will be arriving from Viyana to Dalaman Airport on June 21 at 14:20 p.m. via SUNEXPRESS.
    Are there not times to Fethiye between 14:00 and 18:50 p.m?
    Any suggest?
    Thanks in advance.

  32. Arrived at Dalaman International Terminal Wednesday 8.15pm and was outside by 8.25 awaiting the Muttas for Fethiye, which the website stated would be there at 8.45 pm. Along came a Muttas at 8.55, bound for Marmaris – the driver saying the Fethiye one would be there in a few minutes. It wasn’t! It never came. So then waitied for the scheduled 9,10pm (along with several others) By 9.40 nothing had come Neither Muttas nor Havas service came to the International, I proposed to the others that we share a cab and as we passed the domestic terminal I glanced across – plenty of buses there!
    This isnt the first time this has happened to me …. I love the bus – when it turns up. The motto? Well, I’ll be walking over to the domestic terminal in future,

  33. Hi
    My brother and his wife will be travelling from Calis to Dalaman Airport at the beginning of August at about 8pm will they need to go into Fethiye to get the bus? If so where in Fethiye?

  34. Hi land at 3am and by the time I check out probably about 4am. What’s the quickest cheapest route to Calis? I don’t think the buses are working.

  35. Please can you advise if the times for Sept 2015 are the same as 2014 fethiye to Dalaman airport
    What is the current price for an adult one way?
    We are travelling on 23 Sept which is the start of Bayram, will there be a service and are the times the same ie 19.15?

  36. I will take Turkish Airlines TK2554 flight from Istanbul to Dalaman from 09:25 am to 10:45 am … Can I catch the bus at 11:00 am from Dalaman to Fethiye or it will be difficult to catch it

    • The HAVAŞ buses meet all the Turkish Airlines (THY) flights at both the domestic and international terminals. So no, it won’t be difficult.

  37. Hi just checking that the Muttas bus service is still operating between Dalaman and Fethiye. I am staying in a villa at Fethiye for a month,mid August to Mid September and have family coming and going throughout that period

  38. The airport website has the Muttas bus service on it so it looks like it’s still operating. I’m not sure of the timetable though – that page isn’t in English and the place names look different. Can anyone give the timetable from Fethiye to the airport please?

  39. Hello,
    I wanna ask that I will be traveling to Fethiye to IST on 8th Sep 2017 i.e a friday hope fully and i have a flight ealry morning at 8 am, so is that ok to take your 6 am ride as mentioned above from Fethiye to DALAMAN airport.
    Kindly confirm the punctuality of depart times from fethiye and also the time duration it will take to reach airport.
    Also note my family(WIFE + INFANT) accompanying with me.

    • Hello Faraz

      Thank you for your comment.

      Fethiye Times only provides information to our readers. You need to go to Fethiye bus station (otogar) to catch the airport bus. They run regularly to the airport for all domestic flights.

      Kind regards

  40. Hi Is the bus still running from the Airport (Dalaman) to Fethiye? Where is the bus stand located at the airport please, is there any signage us non Turkish speaking people?
    Kind Regards

    • Hi Ali

      There is a bus that runs from Dalaman airport for domestic flights.If you speak with one of the holiday reps that work at the airport they will be able to point you n the right direction.

      For International flights, you will need to book a transfer to your destination.

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