Our Top 5 Fethiye series is all about what makes this part of Turkey a great place to visit, see, feel, taste and experience.

In this Top 5 Fethiye we’ve gathered the top 5 things to buy when on holiday in and around Fethiye, Oludeniz, Hisaronu and beyond.

Top 5 Fethiye Holiday Buys

With the British Pound buying over 4 TL this year offers even better value than ever for your holiday Pound. Whilst some of our Top 5 Fethiye Holiday buys are value choices given the weaker Turkish Lira some are due to cost or difficulty to buy in the UK.

So come on holiday with an empty suitcase and make the most of the Top 5 Fethiye Holiday Buys.


Fethiye is crammed full of great places to buy cheap, stylish and quality clothing. Turkey is one of the big clothing manufacturing countries in the world so you can expect to find the latest designs, quality but at lower prices than the UK in some cases.

The new Erasta shopping centre has large open spaces to enjoy
The new Erasta shopping centre has large open spaces to enjoy as well as many great value clothing stores

In the markets you will find ‘genuine fakes’ of many of the luxury brands for sale at a fraction of the UK price. Quality is generally good and in some cases may even be better than the real thing in our experience. Just check carefully everything you buy.

Men’s polo shirts with a brand logo and features sell from around 40 TL (£10) but with good bargaining skills and patience you should be able to knock them down to around 25 TL (£7).

Go to the high street and shopping mall and you will find clothing outlets to suit all pockets.

LC Waikiki offers Primark prices and quality. You can pick up a mans plain white T-shirt for 12.90 TL (£3), a short sleeved shirt for 29TL (£6) or a woman’s cotton patterned shirt for 25 TL (£7).

Go a bit more upmarket to Koton, Mavi or some of the other branded outlets and the prices are still very competitive.


Some spices are very good value in Turkey.

But make sure you choose wisely and make sure what you are buying is as described.

spices, paspatur
Some spices are great value in Turkey.

The trendy now used on UK cookery TV programmes Sumak can be bought for around 12.50 TL a kilo (£3) which is a fraction of the cost in the UK.

Peppercorns are locally grown and are also cheap to buy.

Lemon salt is another nice exotica to buy and take back with you too.

Variety is the spice of life and spices are number 2 in our Fethiye Top 5 Holiday buys.

Evil Eye

The Evil Eye or Nazar is a talisman of averting the evil eye of someone who may be jealous or envious of you or something you have.

Stalls selling trinkets have also opened at the Fethiye Arts and Culture location in Beskaz Square, Fethiye.
The Evil Eye


The eye is believed to reflect back those negative projections and is popular throughout wester Asia from Greece through Turkey to Afghanistan, Iran and Israel.

Made of glass they are attractive and will not look out of place as an ornament or other adornment in your place back home.

You can even deploy them to avert the evil eye in your own neighbourhood back home.

We love the colours and idea of the evil eye and even feature it in our logo.

So number 3 in our Fethiye Top 5 Holiday Buys is the Evil Eye.

Hamam Towels

The Hamam is a Turkish Bath, the communal place where people gather to exfoliate, cleanse and relax and are a great Turkish holiday experience to visit if you get a chance.

Paspatur Hamam Sign
The Hamam and notice the Evil Eye above the door

Hamam’s use an attractive check styled towels and robes made from cotton.

You can buy these items and also the exfoliating mitts used to remove all that dead skin from many shops in and around Fethiye for just a few Lira.

You can also pick up light bath robes made from similar material for a few Lira more.

The versatile, light and cheap towels are yet another Top 5 Fethiye Holiday Buy.


The Fethiye area produces some tasty and juicy olives.

Green olives stir the passions
Green olives stir the passions

Pop down to the Tuesday market and check out the wide range of olives on sale to see what we mean.

Prices range from 5 TL to 10 TL per kilo (£1.20 to £2.40) depending on the variety.

Vendors will let you try before you buy so you don’t have to buy blind.

We love the big juicy pink and black olives.

Transporting them home could be easier either.

After you have drunk the contents of a 1.5 Ltr water bottle transfer the olive into it, close the top securely and put in your luggage. You now have a leak proof olive container and much more secure than a think plastic bag.

So that’s our Top 5 Fethiye Holiday Buys.

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