At Fethiye Times we are very passionate about food. We enjoy bringing you articles about the many, varied dishes that make up Turkish cuisine. We spend many happy hours tasting, photographing and writing for our award winning EAT category.

Fethiye Times – EAT already brings you many articles on food; events that have taken place, award winning olive oil, traditional Turkish kitchen utensils to name but a few. Now seems to be the right time to think about separating out the recipes into a new category.

A bit about Turkish Cuisine

Turkey is an ethnically mixed and diverse country, a result of its location at the crossroads of the Middle East, Europe and Central Asia, and the legacy of the multi-ethnic Ottoman Empire.

Turkish cuisine is regarded as one of the greatest in the world and this multi-cultured background brings many regional differences to its cuisine.

Click here to read more about the history of Turkish cuisine.


We are introducing a new category on Fethiye Times – RECIPE BOX. This will make it easy for you to browse and find what what you are looking for – or give you some inspiration if you fancy cooking something different.

The recipes already published will be moved across into the Recipe Box.

Fethiye Times Recipes
Photograph courtesy of Cornucopia Magazine

The recipes will be placed in content sections for easy retrieval.


Salads and Mezes (Salatalar ve Mezeler)

Soups (Çorbarlar)

Vegetables and Pulses (Sebze Yemekleri ve Bakliyat)

Pilafs (Pilavlar)

Fish and Seafood (Deniz Ürünleri)

Poultry Dishes (Tavuk Yemekleri)

Meat Dishes (Et Yemekleri)

Böreks and Pastries (Börekler ve Hamur İşleri)

Desserts (Tatlılar)

Get involved

Those of you who visit Fethiye and love Turkish cuisine most likely come across many dishes that you would love to be able to make at home.

Let us know about the recipes you would like to see on Fethiye Times.

Neset Eren says…

“Many of the well-known national cuisines rely on one basic element. For instance, French cuisine is based on the sauce. Pasta forms the essence of the Italian cuisine. There is however, no single dominant feature in the Turkish kitchen. Meats, fish, vegetables pastries, and fruit are cooked in an infinite variety of ways.” – Neset Eren – The Art of Turkish Cooking.



  1. Looking forward to seeing the recipes. The carrot mezze is a particular favourite so was pleased to see that one!”

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