Getting your Turkish address right will ensure you receive post, deliveries and more. But how do Turkish addresses work?

Turkish addresses work in a slightly different way to those in the UK. The first line of the address is the area, followed by the street number etc, etc

The proper form is shown below:


Local Area

Tuzla Mah

Street Number

253 Sok

House Number

Beyaz Apt No 2

Floor number then apartment number

Kat 2 D 3



Post Code


Administration Area

Country Turkiye

Don’t forget your name goes at the beginning of course.

If you have a post office box then writing P.K followed by the number of your box and post code will suffice. E.g. PK 1,200, Fethiye, 48300, Mugla, Turkiye

If you live in another area ask at the post office for your post code.

Note your property must be registered with the post office before post can be delivered to it. If you live in a new property contact the post office for more information.


  1. can you help me understand this address?

    Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Karsi Cad. Likya Is Mrk Girisi No. 1-115, Turkey

    • Hello Michael

      The address breaks down as follows:

      Cumhuriyet Mahallesi is the district.

      Karsi Cad. (I suspect should be Çarşı Cad.) is the street name.

      Likya Is (İş) Merkezi Girisa is Likya Business Centre

      No. 1-115 is the office/house number.

      Kind regards

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