Fethiye is one of those places that captures the imagination and entwines itself around your heart. For many, the first visit is the beginning of a life-long love affair that leads to buying a property; for some, an investment home, for others a holiday home and for the ones who are truly smitten, a permanent home.

Buying property in Turkey (part one)

Many people are nervous of buying  property in a different country where the process is very different and the language sounds completely alien.

In reality, the buying process in Turkey is straightforward and, as long as you use a reputable estate agent, you can make your dream come true with relative ease.

Fethiye Times will be working with local estate agents to bring you a series of articles giving you practical advice to help if you’re considering buying a property in Turkey.

The first article in the series is by property, lifestyle and investment specialists, Turkey Homes.

Buying property in Turkey (part one)

Turkey Homes – choosing your property and our responsibilities

Searching for property is an exciting experience, but before you start, it is important to list your reasons for buying, so you find the perfect match. If your plan is to make a long-term investment, then a new modern build will get you off to a good start. Likewise, if you want to rent out the property to holidaymakers, ensure it also has amenities they will like such as a swimming pool, within close distance of a beach, and near to bars, restaurants, and supermarkets…

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Tolga – putting his money where his mouth is

Tolga Ertukel, the owner of Turkey Homes UK, has recently put his money where his mouth is and bought a beautiful home in Fethiye.  Turkey Homes has local offices in Fethiye so what better place for Tolga to stay on his many visits to Fethiye – in his own home which is a five minutes stroll on the Fethiye promenade from his offices. Tolga definitely has the right idea…

A new home for Turkey Homes
Tolga Ertukel, owner of Turkey Homes