Fethiye escaped the worst as another winter storm ravaged Turkey’s south-west coast last night.

Schools were closed today throughout the Antalya region as a precaution after harsh winter weather brought tornadoes ashore a fortnight ago (https://www.fethiyetimes.com/news/44-news/29165-fethiye-times-news-week-ending-26-january-2019.html?fbclid=IwAR3rtijpkfnsVah0vMSzQBKeCuy-I0FSB7M_NJLpkGVVy8i1x5UGYd5fFto)

Bodrum appears to have borne the brunt this time, with reports of widespread damage caused mostly by high winds and driving rain.

A branch of Migros in Fethiye which lost its sun canopy to the high winds

But although the wind was strong enough to remove a roof from a building in Karaçulha, tear down trees and keep the emergency services busy, much of the damage in the Fethiye area was of a superficial nature and, so far, there have been no reports of any injuries.

The storm system which brought the latest heavy weather shown on the Weather & Radar app at 16.05 this afternoon

However, power outages have been widespread throughout the day with reports of total or partial power cuts both in Fethiye and outlying communities from around 11pm last night.

The storm system which brought the wind and downpours remains in the area and forecasters are predicting more rain overnight. However, the worst of the weather seems to have passed with sunshine and dry weather continuing from Friday into the weekend and also into the early part of next week.