A protest was held this morning at the site where a number of animals were poisoned in Koca Çalış.

Witnesses reported more than a kilo of chicken wings laced with poison were left at a location on the Çağlar Sitesi development yesterday (February 18). Six dogs who ate it died as well as a cat and two birds.

Three of the dogs were reached in time to be given emergency treatment by a vet but none survived.

Similar poisonings

Reports have been sent to the council and autopsies are being carried out to establish which poison was used.

However, the incident is the latest in a number of similar poisonings across the Fethiye area, leading to calls for action.

Around 40 people attended this morning’s protest, coordinated by animal welfare group HAYED. The event was given permission by the district governor’s office.

Protestors who gathered in Koca Çalış this morning to urge the authorities to act after another spate of animal poisonings.

HAYED spokeswoman Edna Ballantyne said, although many are devastated about the loss of the animals, the use of poison also puts children’s lives at risk.

“There is a very real and serious risk to life and some serious punishment is required for whoever is behind this,” she said.

Be Vigilant

“The poisoned chicken was spread around several sites in the area. There is every chance a child could have touched it and become seriously ill or even died.

“The protest was called to say that we have had enough; it has to be stopped. The poor animals were doing no harm. Some of them were even in their own gardens.”

Ms Ballantyne urged the public to be on their guard and to keep their pets under close control.

“It’s probably best to keep your dogs on a lead rather than letting them run free unless you’re in an area where you can be absolutely certain about their safety,” she said.

“It pains me to say it but, if you leave your dogs in your garden when you’re out, it may also be wise to keep them tied up.”


  1. Poison is often put out where dogs are worrying sheep, or making a nuisance of themselves in some other way.

    Dogs and cats are often seen as vermin by the Turks.

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