The Oludeniz earthquake continues to dominate the news locally and nationally. By lunchtime Monday a total of 95 people had gone into Casualty with earthquake-related injuries, all bar three being discharged after receiving first aid.

Of these 60 were injured in the main quake yesterday afternoon, with a further 35 claiming injuries occurred after a large aftershock just before dawn, which measured 4.4 on the Richter scale.

Instruments show that from midnight Monday to 09.30 Monday, a total of 65 aftershocks were recorded measuring from 2 to 4.4.

The Head of Health Services in Fethiye told press the vast majority of injuries were caused by people panicking and falling downstairs in their rush to get out of buildings, or jumping off balconies/out of windows.

In fact the only three casualties still in hospitals all have particularly complicated fractures caused by panic jumping.

Meanwhile the Civil Emergency Team from Muğla arrived in Fethiye yesterday evening and set about repairing damage to buildings.

The only serious damage was to a house in Patlangıç when a huge rock came down from the mountain, broke through the roof and then through the first floor, to land on the ground floor.

There was no-one in the house at the time and the structure has now been repaired.

Fethiye was levelled by an earthquake on 24th/25th April 1957. The first earthquake measured 6.2 and the second 7.1.  A guide on how to prepare for and survice an earthquake has been prepared by Fethiye Council and can be found here.