Alim Karaca was elected into office as Mayor of Fethiye on 19th March 2019.

Newly elected, the Mayor talked of his plans to build a beautiful Fethiye and laid out his strategy.

Celebrating three years in office

To celebrate, an event was held at the Özer Olgun Cultural Center on Wednesday to share an update on the work completed in the three years since the Mayor took office and what is still on the plan.

Here are some of the highlights from the Mayor’s update.

“From the first day we took office, we rolled up our sleeves to serve our 41 neighborhoods.”

“In order to be able to serve, we had to retain the municipal economy and make it investable. We turned Fethiye Municipality, which had a debt of nearly 44 million when we took office, into a municipality with 44 million liras in cash as of now.  We not only paid our debt, but also made savings. We established emission facilities where we make our own asphalt, saving 12 million liras in 1 year.” 

By purchasing 42 vehicles for cleaning works and adding new ones to our fleet, we no longer pay rent of 10-12 million per year in today’s money. We added the 42 vehicles to our fleet without taking a 1 lira loan.

When we took office, beaches everywhere, especially Ölüdeniz, were privatized. There are many people living on minimum wage in Fethiye who don’t have a chance to enter those costly private coves. We said that we would create affordable areas where citizens can go for free.” 

We refurbished and reopened Karaot and İnlice beaches as public beaches.”

The pandemic has really hit us hard. During the pandemic process, we were deprived of our municipality’s basic income for 2 years.” 

“The improvements to the infrastructure is a massive piece of work. During these improvements, we have had to resolve issues that were not in our program but essential to the project. We have had some shortcomings in communication with you on some issues.

When we removed trees on the pavement, most recently as part of the 40 million investment on İnönü Boulevard, we faced the reaction of our friends and environmentalists. The endemic günlük trees growing on the pavements, make it very difficult, if not impossible for people with disabilities to pass safely. The root systems also damage the pavements and the water and sewerage drains.  Whilst it makes me sad to see the trees removed, Fethiye Forestry Operations Directorate informed us that there is no tree suitable for the pavements, and that the existing trees should be removed and transplanted in local parks, which we did. In the upcoming period, we will turn Fethiye into a riot of colors by planting colorful trees that do not cause these problems.”

The Mayor then went on to talk about the projects planned during his remaining term of office. Here are some of the highlights:

Infrastructure work on Mustafa Kemal Bulvarı: The infrastructure works and water related works continue. We are working with Aydem and Telecom companies to offer the services as soon as possible.

Koca Çalış Project: Construction of a youth centre has started on a 10 thousand square metre area in Koca Çalış.

Youth and Sports Centre project in Karagözler: A Youth and Sports Center will be opened in Karagözler within a year. The centre will provide sports activities and social areas for our youth. 

Observation terrace at Aşıklar Tepesi (Lover’s Hill): An observation terrace is planned for a 5 and a half acres of land at Karagözler Lover’s Hill.

Electricity generation marketplace: A third electricity generating marketplace is planned for Foça Mahallesi in 2023.. The first is in Göcek and the second in Pazaryeri Mahallesi. 

LED lighting for Fethiye: This is a 2 million euro project to provide 31% savings by equipping Fethiye with decorative LED lighting.

After the speech, the meeting ended with a video showing the works done since the election and some of the projects planned.

Click on the link below to watch the video (starts at 53 minutes).

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