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District Governor Fırat appointed as Deputy Governor of Uşak

Fethiye District Governor Eyüp Fırat has been appointed as the Deputy Governor of Uşak.

Governor Fırat was appointed to the position in Fethiye in August 2020 and, during the last 16 months, has been involved in many projects, including raising awareness during the pandemic and the renovation of the Governors office in Fethiye.

It has not yet been announced who will be appointed as Fethiye District Governor.

Source: https://www.muglaturk.com/haber/kaymakam-firat-usak-vali-yardimciligi-gorevine-atandi-14099.html

Turkey experiences the fourth warmest November in the last 50 years

The average temperature in Turkey during November 2021 was the fourth warmest in the last 50 years with averages rising from 8.9 degrees to 11.4 degrees.

The highest temperature was measured in Adana at 32.1 degrees, and the lowest temperature in the Kangal district of Sivas at 11 degrees below zero.

Based on data from the General Directorate of Meteorology in November, average temperatures in Istanbul, Sakarya, Tenedos, Ipsala, Florya, Çeşme, Antioch, Virtuous, Yozgat, Gemerek, Kayseri, Zara, Newton, Samsun, Ordu, Bolu, Merzifon, Amasya, Tokat, Cide, Bafra, Ünye, Nallıhan, Bell, Kars, Bitlis, Doğubeyazıt, Batman were seasonal normal. Temperatures in other provinces were above seasonal averages.

Source: Business Turkey Today

Bahar and Berra join Turkey’s growing army of monitored sea turtles

Two loggerhead sea turtles known as Caretta caretta were released into the sea by authorities on Thursday in Turkey’s southern province of Antalya. Bahar and Berra, fitted with tracking devices, are the latest addition to Turkey’s preservation efforts for endangered species. The number of turtles tracked now stands at 23, as scientists learn about their travel patterns and survival rate in a changing climate.

Minister of Environment, Urban Planning and Climate Change Murat Kurum, Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer and other dignitaries attended the ceremonial release from a beach in Belek, one of the breeding grounds of the species. Belek is hosting a summit for the preservation of the Mediterranean Sea against pollution and other dangers stemming from climate change.

Bahar was washed ashore while escaping from a parasite invasion off the coast of Dalyan, in Muğla province west of Antalya, while Berra was found injured after she entangled into a fishing net off the coast of Bodrum, another district of Muğla. Bahar is estimated to be aged between 46 and 51 while Berra is younger, somewhere between the ages of 28 and 33.

Devices firmly attached to their shells are linked to a centre in Antalya tasked with the protection of loggerhead sea turtles. The centre, affiliated with the ministries, also provides treatment for injured turtles.

“We are working to help them survive for future generations and protect the Mediterranean for them,” Kurum said at the ceremony.

Source: Daily Sabah

International summit for cleaner Mediterranean wraps up in Turkey

Representatives from 21 Mediterranean countries at a convention designed to protect the Mediterranean Sea from pollution ended their summit on Thursday in the city of Antalya on the southern Turkish coast. 

Speaking at the closing of the 22nd meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention (COP22), Murat Kurum, Turkey’s environment, urbanization and climate change minister, said the representatives discussed and adopted 17 resolutions this year.

Kurum said that “80% of the pollution in the sea is of terrestrial origin. One of the prominent decisions was the update of the protocol on land-based pollutants which will require revisions on pollutants and the best techniques for removing pollutants in the coming period.”

He noted that the period of Turkey’s presidency of the Bureau of the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention will be one in which young people will take the most active role in all decision-making processes and will take charge as international climate ambassadors.

Kurum noted that no matter how big the sea is, protection always starts from the shore.

Although the Mediterranean Sea constitutes just 1% of the world’s ocean area, it is home to 4%-18% of the world’s known marine species.

In 1975, 16 Mediterranean countries and the European Community adopted MAP, and Turkey became a party to the convention in 1982.

The COP 22 logo features the loggerhead turtle – known to scientists as Caretta caretta – an iconic symbol of biological diversity in the Mediterranean.

Mediterranean loggerhead turtles are affected by marine litter and warming air and seawater. Their plight encapsulates the stark threats posed in the region by the triple crisis of pollution, climate change and biodiversity loss.

The loggerhead turtle can be found throughout the basin, but its nesting is concentrated in the Eastern Mediterranean, including in sites located in Antalya, the summit’s host city.

Source: Anadolu Agency

Turkey to use ‘Türkiye’ to strengthen its brand

Goods produced in Turkey will be labelled “Made in Türkiye” and local institutions will use “Türkiye” as the country’s name in all sorts of official correspondence and activities, according to a presidential decree.

The circular says the decision aims to preserve the values that come from the deep-rooted history of the Turkish nation.

“The phrase Türkiye represents and expresses the culture, civilisation and values of the Turkish nation in the best way,” it said.

“In this context, the phrase “Made in Türkiye” is now being used instead of “Made in Turkey” on our export products, which are the pride of our country in international trade.”

“Türkiye” brand represents thousands of years of experience of the Turkish nation in every field.

Sources: TRT World/Hürriyet Daily News



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Match results

Fethiyespor won their away match against Edirnespor on Sunday. The final score was 0-1.

Fethiyespor stays at the top of the league table.

League Matches 

Fethiyespor will play the last game of the first half of the season on Sunday 19th December at home against Bld. Derincespor. The kick-off is at 13:00.

The second half of the season starts on 16th January 2022.

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Fethiye Falcons

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Match details

Fethiye Falcons will play a friendly at home against Izmir on Saturday 12th February 2022. Kick-off time to be confirmed.

Make a donation to support the growth of the team

The main goal of Fethiye Falcons is to develop the game of Rugby League for children and adults throughout the community in Turkey.

In order to do this, they need to count on your donations to help to provide suitable facilities for the next generation of Rugby League players. 

Please click on the link below if you would like to make a donation via their official Crowdfunder UK page.

Fethiye Falcons Develop Rugby League in Turkey

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Turkish Lira (TL) exchange rates

The British Pound bought 18.41 TL by the close of business on Friday. The week before it was selling for 18.13 TL.

The US Dollar bought 13.88 TL by the close of business on Friday. The week before it was selling for 13.70 TL.

The Euro bought 15.70 TL by the close of business on Friday. The week before it was selling for 15.50 TL.

Source: FxexchangeRate.com

Weather Forecast

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Source: Living Earth

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