The Ölüdeniz air games is a spectacular International air sports event held every October.

After a break in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, last week saw the 21. International Ölüdeniz Air Games, attracting over 1,500 participants from 40 countries descending on Ölüdeniz to take part in the festival, showcase air sports to the general public and promote Babadağ and Ölüdeniz as a top destination for paragliders worldwide.

Spectators were delighted by the breathtaking shows from base jumpers (free fall), skydivers, wingsuit flights and aerobatic shows in the skies above Ölüdeniz.

Pilots of the Turkish Aeronautical Association performed a microlight and paramotor show in Ölüdeniz and breathtaking rehearsal flights by the Turkish Stars built anticipation for the end of festival finale which took place over Çalış on Sunday afternoon.

Local businesses also benefited from a much-welcomed boost to the season by the 3000 extra people who came to the area to participate in and watch the games.

Here is a gallery of photographs taken across the event by Şefik Akkurt and Cemalettin Kiyişkan.

Şefik Akkurt

Cemalettin Kiyişkan

The Grand Finale

The Turkish Stars (Turkish: Türk Yıldızları) are the aerobatic demonstration team of the Turkish Air Force and the national aerobatics team of Turkey.

The team was formed on November 7, 1992 and was named the Turkish Stars on January 11, 1993.

Turkish Stars fly with eight Canadair NF-5 fighter planes obtained from the Royal Netherlands Air Force, making them one of few national aerobatics teams to fly supersonic aircraft. Twelve NF-5 fighter planes are available to the team.

The team is stationed at the Konya Air Base of 3rd Main Jet Base Group Command. As a part of modernization programs of the Turkish Air Force, the NF-5 aircraft are planned to be replaced with locally produced TAI Hurjet in mid 2020s.

On August 24, 2001, Turkish Stars demonstrated an airshow to more than one million people in Baku, Azerbaijan – a world record.

Current squadron leader Major Esra Özatay assumed the role on 8 September 2016. She is the first and only female pilot to hold this position in the Turkish Air Force.

The Turkish Stars are well known for their exciting displays and they certainly didn’t disappoint as they brought the games to a close on Sunday with a breathtaking air display over Çalış.

Fethiye Times Associate Editor and photographer Steve Parsley was there and captured these fantastic shots.

Even the coastguard was mesmerized by the activities in the air.

Thanks go to Steve Parsley, Şefik Akkurt and Cemalettin Kiyişkan for their amazing photographs.

That’s it for this year …we’ll see you next October for the 22. International Ölüdeniz Air Games.