As of Friday, August 6, 2021, the forest fires that have burned across Turkey for 10 days have affected 3,714 farmers, 31,000 decares of land, 668 decares of greenhouse production area, 397 cattle, 3,961 sheep and goats, 4,856 beehives, 1,353 agricultural structures, 1,137 machines and 2,088 tons of products in depots in five provinces, 18 districts and 99 villages.

At least 770 people have been injured with six of them currently receiving treatment in hospitals. The fires in Antalya and Muğla left at least eight people dead.

Wildfires destroy everything in their path! Although you may feel that the worst is over once the fires are extinguished, for those affected, the long hard road to healing and rebuilding is only just beginning, and for some, precious personal possessions can never be replaced.

So far, almost $2 million (TL 17 million) has been distributed by the Turkish government for 1,055 families affected by the fires.

But there is a long way to go.

How can you help?

Here is a list of organisations that are currently taking part in relief efforts that need additional support. Many of the websites are in Turkish can easily be translated using Google Translate.

Türk Kızılay – Turkish Red Crescent.

A well-known organization in Turkey with a scope that includes disaster aid, education, social projects, and much more. Their site has an English version and making a general donation is streamlined and easy. If you are located in Turkey and would like to make a specific donation, text YANGIN to 2868 (1 SMS 10TL donation).

AKUT – Search and Rescue Organization.

A very established and easily identifiable organization to support in the event of any disaster that takes place in Turkey. Their site has an option for English and outlines several ways they are currently taking in donations.

TEMA – Turkish Foundation for Combating Erosion, Deforestation, and the Conservation of Natural Assets.

TEMA are currently accepting donations for a reforestation campaign for areas damaged by the fires. 10 TL per sapling, with donations accepted via their site:

Haytap – Animal Rights Federation.

An established organization involved in many animal-related issues in Turkey, currently on-site treating animals impacted by the fires. Their website has an English version.

Featured image: A volunteer from Kızılay giving water to a woman facing forest fires in southern Turkey (Photo by The American Red Cross)

Sources: Daily Sabah/Yabangee/AKUT/Türk Kızılay/TEMA/Haytap