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Injured Caretta caretta released back into the sea in Çalış

Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 23 May 2021

A Caretta caretta, which was found injured and treated, was released back into the sea in Fethiye on Thursday.

Officers of the Sea Turtle Research, Rescue and Rehabilitation Center (DEKAMER) who were monitoring the beach in Çalış, spotted the injured turtle who came ashore to nest and lay eggs.

The cut on the shell of the turtle was treated and the turtle was released back into the sea at Çalış. DEKAMER Project Assistant veterinarian Gizem Leyla Çakmak also noted that the general condition of the 30-35 year old turtle was good.

DEKAMER Project Assistant and field manager Fatih Polat told reporters that the treated Caretta caretta will make another nest in about 15 days, saying, “The wound of the Caretta caretta was not very deep. It was treated and the turtle was kept under observation for a day before being released back into the sea. We want citizens in Muğla and its districts to call our centre if they see an injured or dead turtle.” 


Source: https://gercekfethiye.com/tedavisi-tamamlanan-caretta-caretta-denize-birakildi/37683/

Next stage of roadworks in Fethiye

Şahin Hafriyat, an excavation company established in Fethiye for seven years, has started the next stage of the infrastructure work affecting the Fethiye-Ölüdeniz road and excavation work is taking place to remove the paving stones on the road in readiness for the hot asphalt surface.

Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 23 May 2021

Work is currently taking place between the Ovacık Bridge and the Ölüdeniz traffic lights, and on Baha Şıkman Caddesi near the cemetery.

Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 23 May 2021

Sahin Hafriyat owner, Businessman Taner Şahin said, “We have started from the Ovacık Bridge and work will continue until the road in front of Erasta AVM (up to the traffic lights) is completely renewed. This is the first stage after which the hot asphalt and parquet renewal will be completed on the 22-meter road. We are working with all our strength to finish it as quickly as possible. The roads are difficult and troublesome for residents and tradesmen now, with noise and dust. We will have made great progress in 20 days. In the first stage, there will be 7 kilometres of hot asphalt. We thank the citizens and tradesmen for their patience. We are trying to finish the excavation works in the best and fastest way.”

Source: https://gercekfethiye.com/hafriyat-islerini-sahin-sirketi-ustlendi/37684/

Turkey bans polyethylene plastic imports

Turkey has imposed an import ban on ethylene polymer plastic waste as environmental groups sound the alarm on the world’s plastic consumption and lack of effective recycling.

In an amendment published in Turkey’s Official Gazette on Tuesday, the Trade Ministry added ethylene polymer plastics to its list of waste materials that are illegal to import. The ban will take effect in 45 days.

The environmental group Greenpeace Mediterranean welcomed the news, calling it a “very important step towards the goal of zero waste importation” as set out by Turkey’s Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. The group said 74% of the plastic waste imported by Turkey last year will now be on the banned list.

In a visual investigation published this week, Greenpeace said plastic waste like shopping bags and packaging from the U.K. and Germany were being dumped and burned in southern Turkey.

“Around 241 truckloads of plastic waste come to Turkey every day from across Europe and it overwhelms us. As far as we can see from the data and the field, we continue to be Europe’s largest plastic waste dump,” said Nihan Temiz Atas, the biodiversity projects head of Greenpeace Mediterranean.

The environment minister, Murat Kurum, said 152 waste facilities were audited in southern Adana province after “undesirable images were revealed.” Twenty-nine of them shut down, 32 were fined and criminal complaints filed against businesses that were causing pollution. He said Wednesday monitoring would continue in all recycling processes.

Kurum added Turkey didn’t import garbage and added that the import of mixed plastic waste was outlawed in 2021. Companies importing recyclable plastics to process into raw materials for use in Turkey are required to hold an identification code that allows for monitoring.

“Our goal is a national industry that can get a 100% of its raw materials from the domestic market and end imports of waste from the world and a very clean Turkey,” he said. 

The Turkish Plastics Industrialists’ Association criticized the ban, saying the ministry had not consulted with industry representatives. 

“The ban puts our country’s plastics sector into a deadlock,” the group’s President Selcuk Gulsun said, calling for the measure to be withdrawn.

Polyethylene plastics are one of the most widely produced plastics in the world.

Source: Associated Press

Turkey ranks 3rd globally with 519 spotless Blue Flag beaches

Turkey continues its march to the top of the list of the cleanest beaches in the world. The number of Blue Flag beaches, which is increasing every year thanks to environmental investments, reached 519 in 2021. This puts Turkey third globally for its number of Blue Flag beaches, which are also indicators of clean seas, the country’s minister of environment and urbanization said Thursday.

The Blue Flag is one of the world’s most recognized voluntary awards for beaches, marinas and sustainable boating tourism operators. In order to qualify for the Blue Flag, a series of stringent environmental, educational, safety and accessibility criteria must be met and maintained.

As of 2021, Turkey has a total of 519 Blue Flag beaches. The country also saw 22 of its marinas, six yachts and 10 sustainable tourism boats honored with the Blue Flag label for 2021.

In the worldwide list where Turkey ranked third among 49 countries, Spain takes top honors with 615 beaches, followed by Greece with 545 beaches.

This year 33 more Turkish beaches were awarded the Blue Flag by the Danish nonprofit organization. Most of the newly awarded beaches are located on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts.

Turkey aims to rank first in the Blue Flag list in 2023.

The southern Antalya province of Turkey, often regarded as one of the top tourism destinations in the world, has retained its ranking with the most blue-flagged eco-friendly beaches in the world, with a total of 213.

Antalya beaches remain on top of int’l Blue Flag list

Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 23 May 2021

Antalya remained the top recipient of the award on a city basis, increasing its total from the 202 last year.

Mustafa Ergiydiren, the Antalya Blue Flag Coordinator for the Foundation for Environmental Education in Turkey (TURCEV), told Anadolu Agency that precautions against the novel coronavirus were being meticulously implemented on Antalya’s beaches. 

Antalya was followed by the southwestern Muğla province with 106 blue-flag beaches, western Izmir with 66, southwestern Aydin with 39 and northwestern Balikesir with 36.

Read more here: https://www.aa.com.tr/en/turkey/antalya-beaches-remain-on-top-of-intl-blue-flag-list/2251178

Sources: Daily Sabah/aa.com.tr


Turkey set to face Italy in opening match of EURO 2020

Turkey will face Italy in the opening match of EURO 2020 on June 11.

Now that Beşiktaş has been crowned the champion of the Süper Lig, the attention is back on the Turkish national team. Head coach Şenol Güneş’s team lost no time in preparations and organized a training camp right after the Süper Lig finale. Last week, Güneş also announced his Euro 2020 squad.

Now, Güneş has three weeks to prepare his team for the opening match of the tournament against Italy on June 11. . 

Speaking to Anadolu Agency on Friday, the 68-year-old head coach said they want to start the tournament strong.

“Being successful with good play against Italy will make a great contribution to us. A good result, win or draw, will give us an advantage, but a defeat wouldn’t be the end of everything. Even if we beat Italy, we’re not guaranteed to qualify, so the upcoming matches against Wales and Switzerland are also important. Our goal is moving to the next phase, to play good football, and never give up on the principles of fair play.”

Turkey is in Group A with Italy, Wales and Switzerland, all more or less in the same league with Turkey. 

Sources: https://www.dailysabah.com/sports/football/turkey-makes-final-preparations-for-euro-2020



Thank you to Brian Lloyd for the Fethiyespor updates

Play-off matches:

Chances for promotion slipped away for Fethiyespor when they lost their away match against Iskenderun FK in the second leg of the playoffs on Wednesday. The final score was 1-0.

Fethiyespor stay in League 3 for the 2021/22 season.

Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 23 May 2021

The final of the League 3 playoffs, Bucaspor 1928 v Iskenderun FK, will take place on Monday 24th May. The kick-off is at 20:00.

Fethiyespor board of directors hold a season review

Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 23 May 2021

In a meeting of the Fethiyespor board of directors, discussions took place about 14 players on loan to Fethiyespor whose contracts have expired.

Among the players on loan to Fethiyespor are strikers Yakup Alkan, Murat Berkan Demir, Harun Kahraman, Kutay Yokuşlu, Kubilay Tim Mert Aki, as well as goalkeeper Serkan Demirol, captain Sabri Turgut, Mert Özmen, Cemal Şener, Fatih Koyuncu, Alihan Tuncer. The contracts of Anıl Gir, İbrahim Ethem Sevinç and Cem Özdemir have also ended.

It will be clear in the coming days whether the players will sign a new contract with Fethiyespor. 

The contracts of goalkeeper Halil Kaşlı, Tahir Kurtuluş, Hüseyin Rüzgar, Hayrullah Çelik, Berkay Öztuvan, Anıl Arıcıoğlu, Mehmet Sacit Yolcu, Yasin Uzunoğlu, Oğuzhan Bayram, Hakan Horzun, Görkem Halil Günay, Erkan Kapar and Serhat Mutlu continue. 

What kind of road map will be followed for the new season in Fethiyespor? What decisions will President Esat Bakırcı and the board of directors take? Details of the decisions are eagerly awaited in the Fethiyespor community.

Source:  https://gercekfethiye.com/fethiyespor-da-ayrilik-ruzgari/37711/

The Fethiyespor team celebrated a birthday this week.

Happy Birthday to team captain Sabri Turgut who celebrated his 34th birthday on Friday 21 May.

Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 23 May 2021

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Lokman Hekim Fethiye Belediyespor

A very disappointed Lokman Hekim Fethiye Belediyespor is relegated after they ended the season in 15th place in the ING Basketball Super League after winning only 9 out of 30 matches played.

Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 23 May 2021
Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 23 May 2021

Click on the link below to take a look at team scores, news, schedule, roster, players, stats, and more on eurobasket.com.


We will keep you up to date with any news from the team over the summer.

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Turkish Lira (TL) exchange rates

The British Pound bought 11.91 TL by the close of business on Friday. The week before it was selling for 11.91  TL.

The US Dollar bought 8.41 TL by the close of business on Friday. The week before it was selling for 8.45 TL.

The Euro bought 10.25 TL by the close of business on Friday. The week before it was selling for 10.26 TL.

Source: FxexchangeRate.com

Weather Forecast

Here’s your weather forecast for the week ahead.

Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 23 May 2021

Source: Living Earth

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