Yesterday’s storms in Fethiye brought torrential rain, thunder, lightening, high winds and hail, creating a landscape hardly recognizable as the azure scenes of summer.

Strong thunderstorms can also create tornadoes, which is what happened in İnlice, near Göcek.

The tornado, which was the first to hit İnlice in 30 years, reached speeds of 60-70 kph, demolished a house, destroyed 50-100 centuries-old pine trees and concrete electricity poles. The debris also caused damage to cars. An elderly couple were injured when their container house blew over. The couple received treatment at Fethiye State Hospital.

Fethiye Governorship Fethiye Municipality, and AYDEM teams responded to a call for help from village headman Cevat Kundakçı, clearing fallen trees and carrying out repair work on fallen electricity poles and wires.

The heavy rain swept muddy rainwater from streams into the DSİ channels and, in turn, into the bay, turning the water to a muddy brown.

Municipality tams were out this morning collecting garbage that was blown into the streams and sea and collected on the shore.

After the storm

Wild beauty

The aftermath of a storm also brings a wild beauty, captured here in these beautiful, dramatic shots by Sue Fockner-Aşık, owner of Arkadaslik Yachting.