In the first stage of the vaccination rollout, over 1 million citizens, including over 980,000 health care professionals and the residents and staff of the country’s care homes have been vaccinated so far, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said following a meeting of the Coronavirus Scientific Advisory Board on Wednesday.

Koca also noted that the country began vaccinating its citizens over the age of 90 as of Tuesday. Medical teams administered the vaccines to those in the age bracket in their homes.

Starting on Friday, medical teams will begin vaccinating citizens over the age of 85 in their homes, the statement added.

“We are pushing the boundaries to provide as many citizens as possible access to the vaccine in the shortest amount of time possible,” Koca added.

What are the stages of the vaccination rollout?

The stages of the rollout have been determined by evaluating the high-risk groups, potential exposure to the virus, the risks of spreading and transmitting the disease, and the negative impact of the disease on the functioning of social life. The vaccination will be administered to these groups in order.

The vaccination group order is available on the Ministry of Health website at the link below. Each group on the table is highlighted in green as the vaccinations are completed.

Here is a translated version of the table for ease of understanding.

How do you find your priority status for the vaccine?

If you are a Turkish Citizen or have a Residence Permit, you can find information on your priority status via the e-nabiz personal health system –

To access the portal, you will need an e-devlet password (şifre). Your e-devlet password is available from the PTT (Post Office). You will need your Turkish ID number (starts with 99 for residents) and a Turkish telephone number. The cost of the password is 4 TL (price correct as of 21 January 2021).

Follow the steps below to access the e-nabiz system.

Go to and create an account. You will need your Turkish ID number and will be prompted to create a password – this is not your e-devlet password. You will receive a confirmation code via SMS so have your phone handy.

This is the screen you’ll see once you’ve signed in.

COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout - what do we know so far?

Initially the screen will be in Turkish however there is an option to select English on the left. Please note some screens are in Turkish so have Google Translate easily accessible too.

COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout - what do we know so far?

Select “Login with e-Government” and you will be taken to the e-devlet login screen.

COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout - what do we know so far?

You will be prompted to change your password. We recommend you make a note of your password in a secure place.

You will then be taken to a screen where you will complete your personal details – where you live, height, weight , blood group, telephone number.

Once that is competed, you’re in and this is what you all see.

COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout - what do we know so far?

Select “Please click to learn about your priority status for COVID-19 vaccine”

Before your group is eligible for the vaccine you will receive the following message:

“You are not in the priority group designated for COVID-19 pandemic vaccination. Your situation will be updated in line with daily evaluations of progress. If you are a healthcare worker, apply to the institution you work for and ensure that your information is updated. ” 

Once you are eligible for vaccination, you can make an appointment on e-enabiz, MHRS system or by calling 182.

We will monitor the system closely and bring you updates as we receive them.