Fethiye Times had a very different 2020 to the one we’d planned and COVID-19 news dominated the schedule from March onwards.

But as always, in January we review the coming year for Fethiye Times and make plans. 2021 is no different and we’d like to share with our readers what you can expect from us.

Before we do that, we’d like to introduce you to the team.

These are the main contributors to Fethiye Times however, there are also a number of other people who contribute and/or send us information on an ad-hoc basis, as well as those with whom we consult to make sure the information we put out is accurate and verified.

Without all of these people, Fethiye Times wouldn’t be unable to function as it does 🧿

Steve Parsley – Associate Editor

Former Yorkshire journalist and photographer, Steve Parsley, joined the team as Associate Editor and reporter in February 2019 – just in time you could say! Steve’s knowledge and experience is an asset to Fethiye Times.

You can read more about Steve’s experience here: Former Yorkshire Journalist Joins The Team

Sian Midgley – contributor

Sian has been contributing to Fethiye Times since 2018, initially on an ad-hoc basis. She now has a regular monthly slot that takes an entertaining look at different aspects of life in Fethiye. She has lived in Fethiye since 2013, has a love of the outdoors, the environment, and her three pets, including her 5-year-old rescue dog who she openly admits is the love of her life.

Lee Stevenson – contributor

Lee has lived in Fethiye for just over four years. He is a keen gardener and enjoys darts and football (he’s a Portsmouth supporter), cycling and visiting new places. Lee writes a popular monthly gardening article for us as well as being busy running his Facebook group: An English Gardener in Çalış

Mike Vickers – contributor

Fethiye Times in 2021

Mike, a retired mechanical engineer, hails from Gloucester in the West Country. He first visited Fethiye in 1996 and instantly fell in love with Turkey. He co-owned the Yakamoz Hotel in Ovacık between 2003 and 2009 and now currently lives with his wife in Babataşı. Mike carries his camera with him wherever he goes and is always on the look out for material for his regular contribution of interesting, informative and often tongue-in-cheek articles.

Judith Tekin – new contributor

Fethiye Times in 2021

Judith is from North Yorkshire where she lived with her three children. Initially qualifying as a shorthand typist / book-keeper, she then attended art college for three years and had her own pottery and design studio. A further career change took her to university to where she qualified as a mental health professional, a career that spanned 30 years.

In 2009, Judith retired at 65 years of age and moved here permanently. She now lives in Ciftlik with her Turkish husband and fourteen rescued animals. Loving art of any description, the Turkish culture, travel and history prompted Judith to write her own blogs to lift to peoples’ spirits and keep them feeling positive. “Turkey and living here is my dream and I’m very happy to be a contributor to Fethiye Times.”

Norman Clark – photographer

Fethiye Times in 2021

Norman has been one of our official photographers for three years. He has provided photographs for many of our articles and has stepped in at short notice to photograph events. Norman is also the official photographer for Yaşam İçin Yarış (Race For Life Turkey).

Norman bought his first SLR camera in 1990, and his first digital camera in 2000. He moved to Turkey with his wife, Ann-Marie in 2015 and is part of the management team of FIG children’s charity in Fethiye and also co-runs the local Wacky Walkers walking group.

Brian Lloyd – sport and support

Fethiye Times in 2021

Brian, 64 is a former landscape gardener from the Warrington area. He bought a villa in Ovacık with his family in 2005 as a holiday home and loved the Fethiye area so much that, in 2008, he retired here. Brian’s interests are walking , photography, and dog walking friends dogs. His other passion is the local football team, Fethiyespor who he has supported since 2006. He helps to run the official Facebook Group for English Fethiyespor supporters: Fethiyespor Yabancilar.

He also helps to run several Facebook groups aimed at UK tourists who want to holiday in Fethiye and surrounding areas.

Brian has been providing information for the sports section of Fethiye Times News for the past three years. He is also an invaluable support in highlighting relevant news items and information for Fethiye Times from local news providers and his Facebook groups.

Fethiye Times in 2021

Now you’ve met the team, what can you expect from Fethiye Times?


We will continue to bring you the COVID-19 daily update, including the numbers from the previous day, translated government articles, and relevant news until this pandemic is over, or as over as it will ever be. 

We will also include “other news” items in the morning update.

But news is only a small part of what we do -usually! …

Promoting Fethiye and Turkey

Fethiye Times is predominantly a website to promote Fethiye and Turkey, giving our readers ideas for places to visit and information on destinations, culture, food, recipes and much more.

We will be reviewing our content, identifying areas that we haven’t covered and getting out there and bringing you new and updated articles and features.

Fethiye Times in the community

Fethiye Times has become an integral part of the community and we will continue to bring you features and updates on what is happening in the area. We will continue to have monthly articles from our regular contributors.

What’s On Fethiye

Our events calendar, What’s On Fethiye, has been empty for most of 2020 however, it will be up and running again as soon as possible.

Photos and videos

Photos are always popular and we will be bringing you more albums, particularly to support features on places to visit.

There are many talented photographers in the area and we will be featuring their photographs too.

We’ll also be featuring more promotional videos from our very own Mick Scarsbrook (Mick Amca).

Fethiye Times Travel Club

In August, after consultation with Travel Club Co-ordinator Jan Jones and our suppliers, we reluctantly made the decision that the Fethiye Times Travel Club would suspend all activities until further notice. There are currently no plans to carry out any activities in 2021. This will be reviewed later in the year.

Guide to…

Searching for information on the Fethiye Times website is relatively easy as there is an efficient Search facility, it’s not so easy on social media so we’re looking to save all that scrolling when you’re looking for something!

New for 2021 will be a series of spin-off Facebook groups in our new “Guide to” series. These Facebook groups will be linked to the Fethiye Times Facebook Page with the aim of keeping information relating to a particular area in one place.

The schedule

Each month, from Monday to Friday, there will be a schedule in place.

First thing in the morning we will bring you the COVID-19 update and news. Only urgent/breaking news will be published throughout the day.

On Monday, the news slot will include Fethiye Times News, our pick of the news from the previous week.

Later in the morning, we will bring you a feature from one of our categories or a photo album. Depending on what is in the schedule for any given week, we may publish a second feature in the afternoon.

On Saturday and Sunday, Fethiye Times will only publish the COVID-19 daily update/news in the mornings – this will give us time to get out and about and do the research for new articles (post-curfews of course!)

What Fethiye Times can’t do

We are often approached by readers who have an expectation that Fethiye Times can take up the cudgel and become a champion of causes when issues arise.

Turkey’s state-controlled media operates very differently to the West. Fethiye Times is published by a business in the UK and is accepted as a conduit of information for the English-speaking residents of the area but it isn’t in a position to take up a campaigning role or to challenge the authorities.

Please take the time to read our code of conduct below:

Fethiye Times – Our code of conduct

Social media comment moderation

We would like to stress the following:

The Fethiye Times Facebook page is moderated regularly and any comment or information published which is considered unnecessary, unhelpful, based entirely on personal opinion, offensive or libellous will be removed immediately. We carry the responsibility for the content of the page and we therefore reserve the right to decide what is posted.

Our readers

Last, but very definitely not least, we have our readers. We would like to thank you for your kindness, continued support and feedback, keeping us going through the chaotic and uncertain days of last year.

Please drop us a line if you think we have missed anything and there is anything specific you would like to see on Fethiye Times.

We can’t promise to say yes to everything but, we will consider any suggestions.


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