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Feasibility Study for Fethiye Light Rail System Project

Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 13 December 2020

Fethiye Mayor Alim Karaca held a preliminary meeting with the China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) company in Turkey Branch General Manager Li Juguang this week to discuss the light rail system planned to be built in Fethiye.

Li Juguang, General Manager of China Road and Bridge Corporation, said, “We are here for a preliminary discussion and negotiations for a feasibility study for a light rail project.”

Fethiye Mayor Alim Karaca had said before the elections that the project was suitable for the area once any financial issues had been resolved there was a possibility of implementing the project in cooperation with UKOME and the Ministry of Transport. A loss of income due to the Coronavirus pandemic means we will look at the build-operate-transfer model.

Source: Railly News

Istanbul’s iconic Basilica Cistern faces collapse risk

Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 13 December 2020

Authorities say the Basilica Cistern in Istanbul is under immediate risk of collapse in the event of an earthquake. The cistern, built by Byzantine Emperor Justinian I in A.D. 542 to supply water to the palace, is currently under restoration.

Oktay Özel, head of the Department of Cultural Properties at Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) said Thursday that the restoration work, which started about four years ago, exposed the risk. “We don’t even have one second to wait to (reinforce the cistern against the risk),” he said.

“We examined the iron bearings connecting columns which replaced the original wooden bearings and discovered gaps between them. The bearings were placed during the most recent restoration work in the early years of the republic but they have corroded over time,” he told Demirören News Agency (DHA).

He said they were now awaiting approval from the local board for the preservation of historical structures to go ahead with reinforcement. “It is difficult to implement reinforcements on historical places without harming them and we have limited freedom of movement,” he said.

The Basilica Cistern, known as Yerebatan Sarnıcı or Sunken Cistern in Turkish, is one of the most popular historical destinations in Istanbul and within walking distance of other Byzantine and Ottoman-era landmarks like the Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque and Sultanahmet, or the Blue Mosque.

Source: Daily Sabah

Wild boars raid streets in Tukey’s Marmaris district

Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 13 December 2020

Wild boars have been spotted wandering in the streets of the southwestern province of Muğla’s Marmaris district, which is one of the tourism hotspots of Turkey, and has become a subject of concern among residents, officials said on December. 11.

Wild boars have been hogging the district center in search of food, and residents have raised concerns over their safety.

“They used to come one by one. But nowadays, they are flocking in search of food. We are very scared,” Mehmet Poliat, a 51year-old resident, told Demirören News Agency.

Explaining the reason why the animals have been raiding the district center, Marmaris Animal Rights Association Chairperson Tülay Yıldız said: “Some animal lovers feed them with good intention, but they should not. As long as they do this, these wild animals become like domesticated pets.”

Yıldız also warned the officials, saying, “These animals’ population is growing. Sooner or later, either the animals or the people might get hurt.”

Source: Hürriyet Daily News

Ancient irrigation channel eyes UNESCO’s World Heritage List

Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 13 December 2020

Preparations have begun for the 3,000-year-old Şamran Irrigation Channel, which was built during the Urartu Kingdom period and is considered a world water engineering wonder, in the eastern province of Van to be included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

The channel, which is 51 kilometers long, was built to bring water to the city center upon the order of the Urartian King Menua, who ruled from 810-785 B.C.

It is one of the most important Urartian architectural works that remained intact.

A road along the channel was also introduced to tourists and used for bike tours or various other activities within the scope of the Urartian Development Corridor project prepared by the municipality Edremit, a district of Van.

Edremit Mayor İsmail Say pointed out the importance of the historical Şamran Canal and said that such a wonderful building should be included in the heritage list.

“We cycle around the historical channel with bicycles every year in the region as part of the European Mobility Week. We are the only municipality in eastern Anatolia to have projects on this week,” Say said.

“Now, we have started the process of taking this 3,000-year-old historical channel into the UNESCO World Heritage List. Good luck to our Edremit and our region,” he added.

Source: Hürriyet Daily News


Thank you to Brian Lloyd for the sport updates


Match Results

Fethiyespor lost their away match against Kütahyaspor on Thursday. The final score was 0-2.

Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 13 December 2020

Fethiyespor stay at the top of the league table.

Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 13 December 2020

The next league match is:

Sunday 20th December at home against HEASK. Kick off is at 13:00.

Please note: the Turkish Football Federation have made the decision that, due to COVID-19 measures, all games in the first half of the season will be played without spectators.

For more information about Fethiyespor please visit:

www. fethiyespor.org

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Lokman Hekim Fethiye Belediyespor

Match Results

Lokman Hekim Fethiye Belediyespor lost their away match against Turk Telekom on Sunday. The final score was 87-75.

Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 13 December 2020

The next league match is:

Sunday 20th December away against Bahcesehir Koleji.

Please click on the link below for the match schedule.

Lokman Hekim Fethiye Belediye Spor 2020-2021 Schedule

You can follow the Team on their Facebook Page – Lokman Hekim Fethiye Belediyespor Basketbol

Turkish Lira (TL) exchange rates

The British Pound bought 10.39 TL by the close of business on Friday. The week before it was selling for 10.48 TL.

The US Dollar bought 7.86 TL by the close of business on Friday. The week before it was selling for 7.80 TL.

The Euro bought 09.52 TL by the close of business on Friday. The week before it was selling for 09.45 TL.

Source: FxexchangeRate.com

Weather Forecast

Here’s your weather forecast for the week ahead.

Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 13 December 2020

Source: Living Earth

Today’s featured image: “Cloudy skies over Fethiye Bay by Lyn Ward

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