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A colorful new look for “Fethiye”

The Fethiye sign in front of Fethiye Özer Olgun Cultural Center, which is a popular photography spot, has been given a colorful new look.

Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 25 October 2020

Fethiye Municipality Support Services Directorate removed the plants, which were dying and looking untidy, and replaced them with a bright new color for each letter. The plan is to illuminate the letters.

Source: Gerçek Fethiye

How Europe’s waste ends up on Turkey’s beaches

In the space of just a few years, Turkey has become the world’s biggest importer of European waste, including plastic. The rubbish is bought by Turkish firms to be recycled, representing a growing source of revenue for a country whose economy is suffering more every day. But not all of the waste actually gets recycled. France 24 correspondents in Turkey investigated an industry that’s still in its early days.

Source: France 24

Demolition order issued for Briton’s villa construction in paradise bay

Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 25 October 2020

A demolition order has been made for a British citizen’s villa construction on the protected Üçağız Peninsula in the southern province of Antalya’s Demre district.

The building registration certificate of the villa by the sea was canceled by the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization.

The demolition of the villa will be carried out by the Demre Municipality.

Read more here: https://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/demolition-decision-issued-for-britons-villa-construction-in-paradise-bay-159400

Netflix Ramps Up Turkey Slate With Raft of New Projects

Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 25 October 2020

Streaming giant Netflix has revealed a strong Turkish original series and film slate, and unveiled details of works in progress, during a content presentation on Tuesday.

New original projects that will start production shortly include an untitled action adventure series set on a submarine, starring Kivanc Tatlitug, directed by Tolga Karacelik, and produced by OGM Pictures with Jason George as lead writer; series “The Uysals,” where an architect leads a double life as a punk, produced by Ay Yapım, written by Hakan Gunday, and directed by Onur Saylak.

Upcoming series also include “Midnight at the Pera Palace,” created and produced by Karga Seven Pictures, a Red Arrow Studios company, written by Elif Usman and directed by Karga’s Emre Sahin, adapted from the non-fiction book of the same name written by Charles King. The series depicts a young journalist’s encounter with the Pera Palace Hotel in Istanbul, where she discovers that one of the historic rooms is a portal to the year 1919.

“With an ever-growing slate of original movies and licensed content across a rich variety of genres, we want to give our members more moments to share the joy that comes from being immersed in great stories. We hope that the new projects we announced today offer a glimpse of our love and passion for content made in Turkey,” said Nuha Eltayeb, director of content acquisitions for the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey at Netflix.

Source: Variety

No food to be left behind with new campaign against waste in Turkey

The government joined forces with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) for a new initiative to prevent food waste. The “Save Your Food” campaign was launched Wednesday by Agriculture and Forestry Minister Bekir Pakdemirli.

The campaign aims to curb food waste in each stage of food processing, from farms and fields to the table. A website, sofranasahipcik.com, will be the main portal for the campaign and will inform millions on how to prevent waste.

Speaking at the event in Istanbul, Pakdemirli said they would urge people to “buy as much as they need” to prevent waste. “Our website and social media accounts have up-to-date information on helping customers to plan their shopping, consume consciously and not to waste their food. It offers tips on food and shopping management and how to store food properly so it won’t become stale,” Pakdemirli said. The campaign also employs a mascot, Cano, to endear children to the benefits of fighting waste.

The website has already reached millions, especially with its popular videos on recipes to convert leftovers into delicious dishes.

The minister said one-third of food goes to waste and people are not “conscious” while shopping. “We don’t know how to store our food and have more than we can eat on the plate. We have many tips for those who don’t know it, like not storing bananas in the refrigerator,” he said. Bread, a staple on Turkish tables, is among the most wasted food. Recipes on the website focus on dishes that can be made with stale bread. Pakdemirli also pointed out waste in restaurants and said they recommended customers have what is left on the plate packaged to go. Water wastage has also been highlighted in the campaign. Pakdemirli says water was not only for human consumption but a large number of water resources are used in agriculture and breeding. “Even the production of a single egg, before it becomes an end product, needs 135 liters (35.5 gallons) of water. So, having one egg thrown away because it became rotten, means a serious waste of water,” the minister highlighted.

The campaign will also raise awareness of the issue among children with cartoons on the subject and educational material in the government’s online national education network.

In 2021, restaurants, cafes and hotels will be certified for their measures against waste, while the government will train businesses on how to prevent it.

Source: Daily Sabah

Autumn colors begin to show in Turkey’s Spider Forests

Örümcek Forests (known as Spider Forests) are located at the border of the Kürtün District of Gümüşhane Province.  Due to climate and land structure, the area is dominated by spruce and fir trees, ranging range from 50 meters to 75 meters tall and will continue to grow for years to come.

The area was declared as “Spider Forest Nature Protection Area” in 1998, as some of the trees are estimated to be over 400 years old.

During the autumn, Örümcek Forests have a unique beauty as the foliage turns to shades of oranges and yellows, creating spectacular images.

Drone footage shows a road running through forest with trees with autumn colors in Spider Forests in Gümüşhane, Turkey on October 22, 2020.

Sources: Gumushane.life/ https://www.aa.com.tr/en/pg/photo-gallery/autumn-colors-begin-to-show-in-turkeys-spider-forests/0


Thank you to Brian Lloyd for the Fethiyespor updates


Fethiyespor mourns the death of long-time supporter

Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 25 October 2020

Long-time Fethiyespor supporter, Mehmet Emin Keskin, died this week. News of his death caused great sorrow amongst the Fethiyespor community. Fethiyespor management and supporters sent condolences to his family and friends.

Ziraat Cup

Fethiyespor won their home match against Nazilli Belediyespor in the Ziraat Cup on Wednesday. The final score was 2-1.

Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 25 October 2020

Fethiyespor will play Altınordu in the third round of the Ziraat Cup. The matches will be played on 3-4-5 November.

Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 25 October 2020

Fethiyespor stay at 5th position on the league table.

Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 25 October 2020

The next league match is:

Thursday 29th October, away against Tepecikspor. Kick off is at 14:00 .

Please note: the Turkish Football Federation have made the decision that, due to COVID-19 measures, all games in the first half of the season will be played without spectators.

For more information about Fethiyespor please visit:

www. fethiyespor.org

Fethiyespor Yabancilar on Facebook

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Turkish First Lig match postponed after Izmir club Altay reports 34 COVID-19 cases

Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 25 October 2020

Sunday’s Turkish second-tier football match between Altay and Giresunspor was postponed late Saturday after the Aegean club reported 34 of its players and staff were tested positive with for COVID-19.

A statement from Altay said the TFF 1. Lig Week 7 match against the Black Sea club was postponed under the regulations of the Turkish Football Federation (TFF).

The based in western Turkey’s Izmir last week announced 15 people, including coach Yücel İldiz, eight players and other staff members tested positive.

This week, the total number of positive cases increased to 34 with 16 more players, who are currently under treatment and isolated.

Source: Daily Sabah

Lokman Hekim Fethiye Belediyespor

Thank you to Yavuz Topateş for the Lokman Hekim Fethiye Belediyespor updates

Lokman Hekim Fethiye Belediyespor play OGM Ormanspor in Ankara

An enthusiastic send off for the team

Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 25 October 2020

Fans gathered in front of Lokman Hekim Esnaf Hospital, lit torches and cheered boost morale for the team as they set off to travel to Ankara for their match against OGM Ormanspor match on Sunday. 

The team visit Anıtkabir

On Saturday, the team paid a visit to Anıtkabir, the mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, founder and first President of the Republic of Turkey. 

During the visit, team President Miraç Efe Doğan and General Secretary Yavuz Topateş, administrators, technical team and players held a minute’s silence and left flowers at the mausoleum. For the American players of the team, it was their first visit to Anıtkabir.

Later, the team visited the areas of Anıtkabir open to the public.

Match results

Lokman Hekim Fethiye Belediyespor lost their away match against OGM Ormanspor on Sunday. The final score was 77-66.

Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 25 October 2020

Please click on the link below for the match schedule.

Lokman Hekim Fethiye Belediye Spor 2020-2021 Schedule

You can follow the Team on their Facebook Page – Lokman Hekim Fethiye Belediyespor Basketbol

Turkish Lira (TL) exchange rates

The British Pound bought 10.38 TL by the close of business on Friday. The week before it was selling for 10.24 TL.

The US Dollar bought 7.96 TL by the close of business on Friday. The week before it was selling for 7.93 TL.

The Euro bought 9.44. TL by the close of business on Friday. The week before it was selling for 9.29TL.

Source: FxexchangeRate.com

Weather Forecast

Here’s your weather forecast for the week ahead.

Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 25 October 2020

Source: Living Earth

Today’s featured image: “Fethiye Bay” by Lyn Ward

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