During the past six weeks, four dogs have been killed by poisoning in the vicinity of the Yeşilüzümlü Mosque. Two of the dogs were owned by local business owners of Şelale Restaurant and the other two were well known and loved street dogs. The Şelale pets, Gizmo and Kızce were poisoned several weeks ago, street dogs Buddy about six weeks ago and Blackie just last week. There is a very proactive animal protection group in Yeşilüzümlü, Street & Shelter Dog Support Group Fethiye Area-Turkey, who are extremely concerned about this latest turn of events.

Dog poisonings in Yeşilüzümlü
Gizmo and Kızce

On Tuesday 1st September a number of interested parties met in Park Alya Restaurant to discuss the poisonings and what could be done to prevent any future occurrences. Chair of the meeting was local businesswoman, Zeynep Ebru Aksoy, who expressed deep sorrow for the animals that were poisoned. Ebru invited ideas from the meeting attendees how best to proceed and what proactive measures could be taken. A number of options were discussed and it was decided that a reward of 1,111 TL should be offered for any photographic evidence, or a smaller reward, for verbal information that leads to the identity of the offending person(s). Any information received would be treated in the strictest confidence. Other options discussed and agreed were encouraging local authorities, like the Jandarma and Zabita, to make intensive investigations into the poisonings and bring those responsible to justice. The local Imam has also been approached and asked to mention in Friday prayers that taking ANY life is a sin. Information boards have also been erected adjacent to the Mosque entrance. An online and paper petition will also be arranged.

Yeşilüzümlü has a deservedly excellent reputation for the care of all street animals and it is feared that, unless something is done to stop the poisonings, that reputation will be somewhat tarnished. Many visitors come to the village to enjoy the local amenities and most enjoy the company and antics of the animals and some local business owners are concerned that the poisonings may make visitors think twice about coming.

Featured image “Blackie