You may remember Gianna Karagoz, who lived in Fethiye for 15 years.

Under her pen name, Gigi Karagoz, she has written her first novel, The Fallen Persimmon. 

Set in 1980s Japan, it’s a suspense novel that examines the guilt of loss, forbidden love and the limits of forgiveness. Gigi lived and worked in Japan for just under a year, teaching English. She has drawn on her own experiences for the story. 

The Fallen Persimmon

The Fallen Persimmon

Japan 1985. A young English woman battles her conscience.

A page turning suspense novel, based on a true story.

Money blows across a field, the notes slapping against the stubble of dry rice stalks. Mr Ito walks towards the irrigation ditch at the end of his field, his rubber boots kicking up dust. High above, cars speed along the embankment on their way to the city, and he wonders if the money was thrown from a car. He’ll take it to the police; it could be yakuza (Japanese mafia) money. 

Standing at the ditch, he remembers the rumour; the one about the missing English woman. 

But this is Mari’s story. She knows it’s her fault that her sister died, and trying to move on, she takes a dream job teaching English in small-town Japan. It turns into a nightmare when Mari finds out that she’s employed by the yakuza, and that the man she loves has his own dark secrets. The yakuza play their final hand, and Mari believes that once again, it’s all her fault.

If you like a novel that builds suspense, is set in an unusual location, has a strong female lead and a dollop of romance, this book is for you.

The Fallen Persimmon is available on Amazon in paperback and kindle format.

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