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Fethiye’s new governor takes up office

Fethiye saw a change of governor this week as District Governor Eyüp Fırat took up office on 2 August 2020.

The new governor was welcomed by Fethiye Mayor Alim Karaca and other officials during a round of meetings and visits.

Eyüp Fırat was born in Istanbul in 1980. He completed his primary and high school education in the Doğanyol District of Malatya. In 2003, he graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of Public Administration. In 2005, he entered the profession of Civil Administration Supervisor as Tekirdağ District Governor Candidate. After receiving a foreign language education in London for a year, he was appointed as the District Governor of Burdur-Tefenni in 2008, Kahramanmaraş-Nurhak District Governorship in July 2010, Şanlıurfa-Akçakale District Governor in August 2012 and December 2016.

Fırat was appointed as the District Governor of Fethiye on 14 July 2020. He is married with two children and speaks English.

Sources: Fethiye Kaymakamlığı

Clean up campaign around Fethiye continues

 “Let’s not pollute our environment”

Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 09 August 2020

Fethiye Municipality Directorate of Environmental Protection and Control, Directorate of Cleaning Affairs, TURMEPA, KAYDEM PLASTİK and volunteers carried out more clean ups this week.

The teams were at Fethiye Bird Paradise and in the surrounding area cleaning up discarded garbage.

Fethiye Municipality Cleaning Affairs Manager Mahmut Bayraktar said, “Unfortunately, as a result of those people leaving the surroundings dirty while spending time here, we have had to do a complete clean from the entrance of the peninsula to the end. We have collected a lot of discarded waste – everything from bottles, chairs, foam to fishing net. We clean these places and repeatedly ask that people do not leave garbage here. I want to say that now we will have to punish people and restrict such places. We do not want to block the entrance here where people come and fish, but unfortunately they leave the place very dirty. Please, let’s keep our Fethiye clean and not pollute. We invite all people to warn those who pollute such places. Let’s not pollute a place, but warn the polluter when we see garbage thrown around. We will protect our nature together. Thank you.”

“Fethiye is for all of us, please let’s throw our garbage in containers.”

Source: Fethiye Belediyesi/Gerçek Fethiye

Turkey ready to send more aid to Lebanon

Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 09 August 2020

Ankara is ready to send more medical assistance and food aid to help Lebanon during its time of need, Turkey’s vice president said on Saturday. 

Medical, humanitarian aid, a team of 20 physicians and 400 tons of wheat were sent to Beirut on Wednesday following Tuesday’s deadly explosion at the Port of Beirut. 

Fuat Oktay, who is visiting the Lebanese capital along with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoğlu, said all of Turkey’s hospitals and air ambulances are at Lebanon’s service, as the country deals with the devastating fallout of Tuesday’s massive blast. 

Speaking after a meeting with Lebanese President Michel Aoun, Oktay said Ankara has told Lebanon that it can use Turkey’s Mersin port until the Beirut port is rebuilt.

“Turkey is ready to help rebuild the heavily damaged Beirut port and nearby buildings,” the vice president said. 

Oktay and Cavusoğlu met Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab, who took them to the site of the explosion.

The Turkish officials conveyed their condolences for the loss of life and property, and reiterated Ankara’s willingness to help out in all aspects.

According to Lebanon’s Health Ministry, at least 158 people have died and over 6,000 are injured since Tuesday’s explosion ravaged parts of the Lebanese capital.

The numbers, though, are likely to rise as efforts continue to find missing people.

The tragedy has come at a time when Lebanon is experiencing its worst economic crisis, including a dramatic drop in the value of the pound against the dollar.

Source: https://www.aa.com.tr/en/middle-east/turkey-ready-to-send-more-aid-to-lebanon/1935552

Govt to introduce new draft to curb foreign language influence over Turkish

The Turkish Language Association (TDK) has prepared a comprehensive report to sort the foreign words used in every field, from company names to signboards.

The report was discussed during a High Advisory Board of the Presidency meeting, chaired by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

It aims to protect the Turkish language by alleviating the influence of other languages, especially English.

According to an article in the Turkish language daily, Hürriyet, the legislation will be prepared on the issue and submitted to Parliament in the upcoming legislative term.

The TDK’s report foresees replacing foreign words with Turkish words in product descriptions and advertisements, in daily life and in the names of companies.

During the High Advisory Board meeting, participants talked about the previous legislation for the removal of foreign names in advertisements, billboards, posters, companies and restaurants to ensure the accurate usage of the Turkish language. They also noted that English words are frequently used, especially in the names of companies, hotels, restaurants and shopping malls, as if they are a part of the Turkish language.

TDK officials also emphasized that English or other foreign languages could be preferred as a second language for various reasons, with the condition that the first names should be in Turkish. Over the presentation, President Erdoğan also reportedly focused on the significance of the issue.

In the meeting, presenters also said that TV anchors and guests constantly use foreign words to be more influential and called for the inclusion of this kind of broadcasts into the new regulation.

Source: Daily Sabah

Turkey’s Lira Hits Record Low as Interventions Fail to Stem Drop

Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 26 October 2019

The Turkish lira hit a record low against the dollar despite efforts by the country’s central bank to curtail its fall.

It fell 2.7% Thursday, its biggest daily decline since March 2019, erasing 17.8% of its value for this year. At the end of the session, one dollar bought 7.2399 lira, beating out the previous record close of 7.1988 set on May 6.

At the root of the strains are concerns about the level of Turkey’s reserves and an aggressive monetary easing cycle that’s fueled an outflow of foreign capital. With pressure mounting on the currency, authorities have been leaning on state banks to bolster the lira with dollar sales, rather than raising interest rates or curbing the supply of credit.

“Something has to change,” said Paul McNamara, emerging market portfolio manager at GAM in London. The country’s interventions in the foreign exchange market, and other tools that have been deployed to make it harder to sell the lira appear to be “exhausted”, he said, meaning “some response is required”.

Sources: Bloomberg/Financial Times


Thank you to Brian Lloyd for the Fethiyespor update

Fethiyespor reduce squad to 16 players

Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 09 August 2020

Football clubs everywhere are struggling financially due to the coronavirus pandemic and Fethiyespor is no different. As a result, the Board of Directors have made the decision to cut the squad to 16 as part of efforts to lower Fethiyespor’s debts.

Captain Sabri Turgut, who wanted to quit football in Fethiyespor, has returned to his family in Germany and Aykut Sarıdoğan, Erdi Bakırcı, Burak Özbakır and Mert Caymaz have been cut from the squad.

President Esat Bakırcı, is looking to negotiate the transfer of five good players during the transfer period in line with the report received from coach Mesut Toros. Fethiyespor is seeking financial support for the transfers.

Source: Gerçek Fethiye

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Lokman Hekim Fethiye Belediyespor

New President for Lokman Hekim Fethiye Belediyespor

Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 09 August 2020

Deputy President İzzet Durak was appointed as the new Lokman Hekim Fethiye Belediyespor Club President after current President Selamettin Yılmaz, resigned from office due to personal reasons.

In line with COVID-19 guidelines issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, general assembly meetings are postponed until the end of October, as a result of which the General Assembly could not meet to elect a new Board of Directors. A new board will be elected in the new season.

Mayor Alim Karaca expressed his gratitude to all members of the Board of Directors, especially Club President Selamettin Yılmaz, and emphasized that they will benefit from the knowledge and experience of Selamettin Yılmaz, who has made significant contributions to Fethiye basketball so far. 

Source: Gerçek Fethiye

Turkish Lira (TL) exchange rates

The British Pound bought 9.51 TL by the close of business on Friday. The week before it was selling for 9.12 TL.

The US Dollar bought 7.29 TL by the close of business on Friday. The week before it was selling for 6.97 TL.

The Euro bought 8.59 TL by the close of business on Friday. The week before it was selling for 8.21 TL.

Source: FxexchangeRate.com

Weather Forecast

Here’s your weather forecast for the week ahead.

Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 09 August 2020

Source: Living Earth

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