A ceremony to officially open Karaot Halk Plajı (Karaot Public Beach) in Yanıklar was held on Wednesday 29 July. The ceremony was attended by Muğla Metropolitan Mayor, Dr Osman Gürün, Fethiye Mayor Alim Karaca and other officials, Fethiye Municipality Band and had a good turnout from the locals.

Karaot is the second public beach to open in recent weeks with Inlice Public Beach being the first.

Speaking at the opening Fethiye Mayor Alim Karaca said. “The work on the beach, was a project in cooperation with Fethiye Municipality and Muğla Metropolitan Municipality. We have made a 550 thousand TL investment in the project.”

Mayor of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Osman Gürün said, “We are fulfilling our promises made at the time of election one by one. We are providing a peaceful, livable province in Muğla ”

What facilities are there?

The beach offers ample parking, two changing cabins with toilets, showers and changing rooms and a snack bar with a reasonably priced snack menu. A deck and canopied area provides an indoor dining area. There are also picnic tables on the beach.

Sun loungers are available on the beach and the municipality provides a lifeguard.

Signage provides information on coronavirus measures to be followed on the beach. BBQ’s are not allowed on the beach.

Caretta Caretta Observatory

Karaot Public Beach officially opens

Fethiye Municipality teams have also set up a Caretta Caretta Observatory on Karaot Beach, demonstrating the commitment of Fethiye Municipality to protecting the environment. The issue of protecting the caretta caretta at Karaot beach was brought to the attention of the City Council recently, as a result of which, the observation house was built in order to observe and ensure the safety of caretta carettas on the beach.

Click here for a link to Google Maps for directions to the beach.

As the sun went down over the horizon, the beach was officially declared open.