Turkey’s daily COVID-19 death toll rises by 55 with 1,635 new confirmed cases

Turkey’s daily COVID-19 death toll rose by 55, bringing the total to 4,007, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said on Thursday.

Relaying the country’s latest statistics on coronavirus, Koca said 2,315 new cases were identified in the latest batch of tests, which brought the total number of confirmed cases to 144,749.

Turkey carried out 34,821 tests in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number to 1,508,824.

The number of people recovered from COVID-19 rose to 104,030 with 2,315 patients recovering in the past 24 hours. 963 patients remained in intensive care units.

Sources: https://www.dailysabah.com/turkey/turkeys-daily-covid-19-death-toll-rises-by-55-with-1635-new-confirmed-cases/news


Queues at Turkish malls ‘incredible,’ coronavirus board member says, urging people to stay home

COVID-19 daily round up – Friday 15 May 2020

“We have seen so far that the virus has infected way less than it could have when people stayed home. There should be no reason to flock to the malls unless there is a valid reason. The queues are incredible. If we totally need to buy something from the mall, we should only go to that store and immediately leave the mall afterward.” – Coronavirus Science Board member, professor Ahmet Demircan

Read more here: https://www.dailysabah.com/turkey/queues-at-turkish-malls-incredible-coronavirus-board-member-says-urging-people-to-stay-home/news

Normalisation arrangements in the hospitality Industry

COVID-19 daily round up – Friday 15 May 2020

A written statement released this morning by chairman of Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Osman Çıralı, sheds a little more light on the normalisation plan for the region’s hospitality industry over the coming weeks.

At this stage, it’s important to stress it’s a draft and could be subject to change, particularly if COVID-19 infection rates increase. However, in essence, the statement indicates the following:

* Before being given permission to open, hospitality venues will be obliged to apply for a certificate from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to prove high-level health and hygiene conditions. These will need to be met by airlines, airports and other means of transportation as well as businesses offering food and drink. .

* Tourism business can obtain certificates only after an audit, which will be be carried out by an institution or organization approved by the Ministry, and in cooperation with an approved national or international hygiene and cleaning material supplier.

* Businesses must follow a strict regime approved by the Ministry to ensure continuity and to limit the risk of any further spread of COVID-19. The process includes directions on capacity and social distancing in public areas.

* Businesses must be in a position to distribute PPE such as masks and gloves to all their guests. In turn, guests will be asked for information about any chronic health conditions or if they are aware they are carrying COVID-19.

* Beach and pool towels will also be offered to guests in closed bags or by staff.

* Units such as play rooms and children’s clubs will remain closed.

* Dining tables in cafes and restaurants must be a minimum of 1.5 metres apart with a minimum of 60 centimeters between each chair.

* Serving staff will take care to adhere to social distancing rules and avoid contact during service.

* Standing spaces will be marked out in lifts which will need to contain written instructions advising guests on how to adhere to social distancing rules

* Contactless payment will be received from the customer as much as possible.

* Implementation of the measures is mandatory and inspections will be made by the relevant administration.

Detailed information about the certification program can be found at www.tga.gov.tr.

Source: https://gercekfethiye.com/cirali-konaklama-sektorundeki-duzenlemelere-aciklik-getirdi/27452/

Face masks made mandatory in 10 more cities

COVID-19 daily round up – Friday 15 May 2020

Turkey has made it mandatory for people to wear protective face masks in 10 provinces as the country has rolled out the first phase of the normalization program.

The residents of Adıyaman, Afyonkarahisar, Aydın, Balıkesir, Bartın, Denizli, Düzce, Kastamonu, Muğla and Uşak are now required to wear face masks when they go out.

The decision regarding mandatory face masks were recommended by the provincial hygiene boards in the respective provinces.

Read more here: https://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/wearing-face-masks-made-mandatory-in-10-cities-154755

All about masks

Today seemed like a good time to give you an update on where you can get yours and a reminder of how to safely dispose of them. Click on the link below to read our article.

All about masks

Turkey plans to resume communal prayer at mosques June 12

COVID-19 daily round up – Friday 15 May 2020

The head of Turkey’s top religious body Diyanet announced Friday that plans are in place to reopen mosques for communal prayers on June 12, following a three-month hiatus announced due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“While prioritizing our health, I hope we will be able to return to our mosques as soon as possible,” Diyanet head Ali Erbaş said on a TV program.

However, he added that it did not appear to be possible for now to allow for Eid prayers, a special congregational prayer on the morning of the Eid al-Fitr, urging citizens to limit their visits to relatives over the holiday.

Read more here: https://www.dailysabah.com/turkey/turkey-plans-to-resume-communal-prayer-at-mosques-june-12/news

Global statistics 

There are now 4,569,106 confirmed cases of COVID-19 globally, of which 1,724,911 have recovered. The number of fatalities stands at 304,798.

Source:  Worldometer

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