The total number of those infected with the coronavirus in Turkey has reached 61,049, with 4,093 more people testing positive, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced Monday, although the recovery data has offered some signs of hope.

The death toll hit 1,296, with 98 having passed away as a result of the illness in the last 24 hours, while the total numbered discharged increased to 3,957. A total of 511 patients recovered in a single day.

Turkey has imposed restrictions on daily life in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. Though an early response to the crisis has stemmed the number of those infected, the country has had mixed success in limiting public mobility, especially on weekends and given rising temperatures.

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Turkey to continue weekend COVID-19 curfews

COVID-19 daily round up – Tuesday 14 April 2020

Turkey will continue with its weekend curfews to stem the spread of the coronavirus, the country’s president announced on Monday, with the next curfew to be imposed on April 18-19. 

“As part of the fight against the epidemic, we decided to continue the curfew on weekends as needed in the coming period,” Recep Tayyip Erdogan said following a three-hour virtual Cabinet meeting.

Measures will be taken to prevent unnecessary disorder which occurred in some places after the announcement of first weekend curfew, he said. 

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British citizens living in Fethiye thank Turkey for medical supplies sent to UK

COVID-19 daily round up – Tuesday 14 April 2020
Mick Scarsbrook (Mck Amca) says thank you

What better way to spend Easter Sunday than expressing thanks to Turkey for, what is now two shipments of medical supplies they have sent to the UK.

Thank you to Mick Scarsbrook, Carol Vaughan, Angela Sowten, Viv Oldham, Jan Jones and Paul Watts for taking part.

Thanks also to Yavuz Topateş and Ali Riza Akkır for organising the video and article.

No need for translation as the video says it all…


New state hospitals for Marmaris and Seydikemer

COVID-19 daily round up – Tuesday 14 April 2020

Work is to start soon on two new state hospitals in the Muğla region.

A 150-bed facility will be built in Seydikemer and a 125-bed hospital in Marmaris – both to be completed over the next two years.

Consultation and the tender procedure for both projects has been completed with construction to begin as soon as possible.


126 people in Fethiye fined a total 80,000 TL for violating the curfew

COVID-19 daily round up – Tuesday 14 April 2020
Fethiye Governor, Muzaffer Şahiner

126 people in Fethiye were fined a total of 80,000 TL for violating the curfew over the weekend.

Law enforcement teams set up checkpoints around Fethiye and patrolled the streets challenging those who ignored the curfew warnings.

Amongst the exceptions to the curfew were Vefa Support Groups helping citizens over 65 years of age and meeting any urgent needs of other citizens due to the curfew. 

Vefa helped approximately 250 households in the two days providing a 24 hour service. 17 people over the age of 65 were taken to hospital and health institutions for medication and illnesses.

Fethiye Governor Muzaffer Şahiner thanked the citizens who complied with the curfew in Fethiye. Şahiner said, “Our Police, Gendarmerie, and Vefa Support Groups have worked extensively during the two-day curfew. I would like to thank our citizens for their patience by respecting the curfew. We look forward to understanding in the future. Let’s strictly follow the coronavirus outbreak measures. I am delightful to follow the social distance and hygiene rules ”. 


COVID-19 treatment free for Turkish citizens even without social security

COVID-19 daily round up – Tuesday 14 April 2020
A recovered COVID-19 patient leaves a hospital amid applause from the staff in Konya, Turkey, April 11, 2020. (DHA Photo)

A new regulation implemented today allows Turkish citizens to receive free COVID-19 treatment even if they do not have social security. The regulation published in the Official Gazette gives free access to tests and medicine for COVID-19 patients.


Turkey completes 1st phase of COVID-19 vaccine development

COVID-19 daily round up – Tuesday 14 April 2020
Two researchers working at a laboratory in İzmir, Turkey, Tuesday, April 14, 2020. (AA Photo)

Scientists in western Turkey began Tuesday lab tests of an antigen they designed as a vaccine against the novel coronavirus.

The research work is being conducted jointly by the Drug Development and Pharmacokinetic Research Application Center (ARGEFAR) at Izmir’s Ege University and the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK).

A total of 32 scientists specializing in different branches are working together to conduct the studies.


Fethiye Mayor warns against phone scam

COVID-19 daily round up – Tuesday 14 April 2020

Fethiye Mayor, Alim Karaca has today issued a notice warning citizens to beware of anyone cold calling, introducing themselves as municipal personnel and asking for money on behalf of the Municipality and the Mayor. This is a phone scam!

Legal action will be taken against the culprits once identified.

Global statistics

There are now 1,947,855 confirmed cases of COVID-19 globally, of which 460,229 have recovered. The number of fatalities stands at 121,793.

Source:  Worldometer

An important notice from Fethiye Times

COVID-19 daily round up – Tuesday 14 April 2020

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