Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced the latest figures for Turkey yesterday:

There are 3,892 new coronavirus infections, the highest single-day increase so far. The total number of positive cases now exceeds 34,000.

76 more patients have died of COVID-19 in the last 24 hours with the death toll now reaching 725.

Koca also said Turkey has performed 222,868 coronavirus tests so far, including 20,023 in the past day.

“We increased our test capacity. We expect the number of daily tests to exceed 30,000 next week,” the minister said.

Some 1,582 patients have recovered and have been discharged from hospitals, while 1,474 patients remain in intensive care, Koca added. The occupancy rate of intensive care units across Turkey stands at 62%-63%.

READ: Coronavirus cases in Turkey top 34,000, death toll hits 725

Turkish society mobilizes to sew masks as world fights over supplies

COVID-19 daily round up – Wednesday 8 April 2020
Abdil Semih Ağdacı, a 16-year-old high school student and a volunteer, sews masks at home, in Afyon, Turkey, Tuesday, April 7, 2020. (İHA Photo)

As Turkey mobilizes to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for masks,
vocational schools, vocational learning centers of local administrations, Imams, learning centers, private companies and individuals have joined the effort in an unprecedented voluntary movement that draws parallels to the Turkish nation’s mobilization for the War of Independence nearly a century ago.

READ: Turkish society mobilizes to sew masks as world fights over supplies

Fethiye Municipal teams take extra measures to ensure street animals don’t starve

COVID-19 daily round up – Wednesday 8 April 2020

On Monday, we reported that the Ministry of Internal Affairs had sent a new circular to 81 Provincial Governorships asking them to make sure street animals, who are having difficulty finding food due to the coronavirus outbreak, are regularly fed and watered.

Fethiye Municipality were already caring for the street animals in the area however, as stricter measures are now in place and cafes and restaurants – many of who regularly feed the street animals – are closed, the Municipal teams are taking extra measures to ensure the street animals don’t starve.

The teams coordinate with animal lovers living in areas with a high number of street animals and drop food and water to different points across the district every day.

The Municipality teams are working with more than 80 volunteers.

They are delivering approximately 300kg of food for cats and dogs to more than 400 points EVERY DAY!

They are also providing a further 100 KG of food to the shelter every day

Fethiye Mayor Alim Karaca said, “The world is not just people. We are out in the field with our volunteers for our street animals. Let our citizens continue to stay at home. But those who have the opportunity in these difficult days should not forget to leave a container of water and food in front of the door. A pot of water does not mean anything to us, but it can save a life. In addition to non-governmental organizations, I invite volunteer animal lovers to support us in feeding the street animals living in our district. Because the world is beautiful with our dear friends ”.

Animal lovers can also get food support from the Municipality if there are a large number of street animals in their region by contacting the WhatsApp line 0552 444 90 82.

Thank you to Yavuz Topateş for the update and photographs.


Only one person allowed on motorcycles from today

COVID-19 daily round up – Wednesday 8 April 2020

In accordance with social distancing guidelines, Muğla Provincial Pandemic Board have banned two people from riding on motorbikes and scooters – effective 8 April 2020.

Motorcycle users should also wear their helmets.

Police will fine anyone who violates this rule.


Helping each other in times of need

COVID-19 daily round up – Wednesday 8 April 2020
“Take what you need”

There may not be many positives to take from the COVID-19 crisis but philanthropic gestures need to be applauded so we hope the group of traders at Fethiye market yesterday who set up a stall offering free produce to those struggling financially at the moment get the credit they deserve.

Also worth an honorable mention is the anonymous person from Milas who paid a local shopkeeper 3,000tl to cover bills which had been run up by those who can’t afford to pay for groceries and essentials right now.

It’s stories like these which prove modern-day society isn’t entirely broken and there’s some good out there despite all the negative stuff we read…


Stay home: Pleas from elderly Turkish mother who survived but lost son to virus

COVID-19 daily round up – Wednesday 8 April 2020

An 83-year-old Turkish woman who recovered from COVID-19 but lost one son to the virus with another in intensive care urged everyone to stay home and respect all the precautions taken to stop the spread of the virus.


Global statistics

There are now 1,455,519 confirmed cases of COVID-19 globally, of which 309,825 have recovered. The number of fatalities stands at 83,825.

Source:  Worldometer

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