The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Turkey has increased by 3,148 to 30,217, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced on Monday.

75 patients have died in the last 24 hours, bringing Turkey’s total virus death toll to 649.

1,415 patients are in intensive care, while 1,326 have recovered so far.

In the past 24 hours, 21,400 COVID-19 tests were conducted, while the total number has reached 202,845. Koca noted that they aim to conduct 30,000 tests daily.


President Erdoğan also announced that Turkey will establish two new hospitals with a capacity of 1,000 beds each in Istanbul to aid in the fight against the pandemic.

One of the hospitals will be built in Atatürk Airport located in the Yeşiköy district on the city’s European side, while the other will be built in Sancaktepe on the Asian side.

Erdoğan also said that the sale of face masks is now prohibited and that masks would be instead given for free at supermarkets or distributed to citizens’ homes by the Turkish Post and Telegraph Organization (PTT). He did not elaborate on the regulations regarding the sale of masks.

“Our governorates have already begun sending free masks through PTT,” he said, adding: “We have enough stocks and production plans for our entire population until the pandemic is over.”

Turkey on Friday made mask usage mandatory in crowded public places, in public transport, grocery stores and workplaces.

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Sevinç Saltık discharged from Fethiye state hospital

Thank you to Lotte Walsh for sending us this update.

COVID-19 daily round up – Thursday 2 April 2020
Sevinç pictured here with husband Mehmet, who died of COVID-19 on 1 April 2020

Sevinç Saltık, the wife of Mehmet Saltık (71), who died of COVID-19 in the Fethiye state hospital on 1 April, was discharged from hospital yesterday and is now at home in quarantine for a further 14 days.

Sevinç was released from the ICU on Sunday and discharged from the hospital yesterday, arriving home in the early afternoon.

She was brought home in an ambulance- accompanied by two doctors (all three people in the ambulance wore PPE). Shortly after, three members of the local health directorate visited Sevinç to provide extra information and phone numbers of anyone she may need to call.

Before Sevinç left the hospital they carried out tests for COVID-19 (which were all negative) so at the moment she doesn’t have any active virus (antigens) in her body.

An update from Lotte on actions taken by Fethiye Municipality

“For those that are unaware, Mehmet and Sevinç Saltık live in the apartment directly above us in Akarca. The eight remaining people (across six apartments, and two blocks) have not, or are showing symptoms of COVID-19. We have also been visited by members of the health directorate advising us what to do if we do show symptoms.

The apartment block where Mehmet resided has been thoroughly cleaned (on the outside, including communal hallway, entry way gates and door handles, as well as gardens) by Fethiye Municipality.
We were also visited by three people from the health directorate providing us with information on how to prevent further spread. Most of this was information that we already know, including; washing hands for at least 30 seconds, leaving clothes that have been worn outside in an aerated place for at least 2 hours, as well as washing anything that has been bought from the shops in soapy water. They asked us not to bring any plastic bags brought home from anywhere into the house also. They also suggest that residents make their own bleach spray by diluting bleach with water, and spray door handles every time you come into contact with one (mainly used for the communal doors).”

Fethiye Police teams carry out price checks in local markets

COVID-19 daily round up – Tuesday 7 April 2020

Fethiye District Police and Fethiye Municipality Police teams are conducting price audits in local chain markets to check prices are not being increased as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The audits will continue to keep prices under control.

Police teams also warned people who were shopping and not wearing masks.


1663 citizens in Fethiye benefit from 1000TL aid

COVID-19 daily round up – Tuesday 7 April 2020

Fethiye Gendarmerie and Police Traffic and Dolphin teams are delivering Government financial aid of 1000TL to the homes of 1663 citizens in Fethiye.

The law enforcement teams sprang into action when the decision was made by Fethiye District Governor, Muzaffer Şahiner, to deliver the aid to people in their homes to avoid the risk posed by queues at the PTT (Post Office) in Fethiye.

The District Governor said, “1663 citizens in Fethiye benefited from a thousand TL aid which was delivered by our law enforcement agencies. Delivery has been made to 900 people so far and the remaining deliveries are also being made gradually.”

Citizens thanked the officers who brought assistance for their home deliveries.


11 people found gambling at home fined 8,679 TL for breach of social distancing rules

COVID-19 daily round up – Tuesday 7 April 2020

11 people found to be gambling at home, were fined a total of 8,679TL on the grounds that they violated the social distance rule. The owner of the house was fined 3,150 TL.

District Police Department Public Security Bureau teams attended the address in Çatarlık on receiving information that a group was gambling.

The teams fined the people involved for violating the social distance rule and gambling.

The house was sealed after the penalty.


Muğla Metropolitan Municipality manufacture 12,000 masks in five days

COVID-19 daily round up – Tuesday 7 April 2020

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality is working with MELSA, a company affiliated with the Metropolitan Municipality, to manufacture masks to help meet the increased demand as they now have to be worn in busy public places, such as supermarkets, market places and public transportation vehicles.

12,000 masks were produced in the first five days by the municipal teams and the production continues.

2,000 of the masks were produced at home by 30 citizens with sewing machines as part of a “stay at home and support us” campaign.

As the masks are completed, they are sent to the Municipality and passed through a disinfection machine before they are distributed to the public.


Why we MUST stay at home

COVID-19 daily round up – Tuesday 7 April 2020

The BBC’s Fergus Walsh is inside intensive care at University College Hospital in London as medics treat patients with coronavirus.

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Global statistics

There are now 1,367,090 confirmed cases of COVID-19 globally, of which 294,101 have recovered. The number of fatalities stands at 76,551.

Source:  Worldometer

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