Health Minister Fahrettin Koca confirmed 2,456 new cases of COVID-19 in Turkey on Thursday. 79 more people have died.

The total number of cases is now 18,135 and the total number of fatalities now stands at 356 with 415 people recovered and 1,101 being treated in the ICU, the minister added.

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Global COVID-19 cases top 1 million as death toll passes 50,000

COVID-19 daily round up – Friday 3 April 2020
A man wearing a protective face mask walks in front of Saint-Denis Basilica on the seventeenth day of lockdown aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19 in Saint-Denis, Paris on April 2, 2020. (AFP Photo)

Coronavirus continues its relentless march across the globe with the number of cases around the world now more than one million.

The number of fatalities is now more than 50,000.

More than half the planet is now on lockdown

READ: Global COVID-19 cases top 1 million as death toll passes 50,000

Together We Are Stronger (Birlikte Daha Güçlüyüz)

Together We Are Stronger (Birlikte Daha Güçlüyüz)

Fethiye residents have conveyed their thanks to the Governor’s office and Fethiye Municipality for everything they are doing.

READ: Together We Are Stronger (Birlikte Daha Güçlüyüz)

Stricter controls at Fethiye’s markets

COVID-19 daily round up – Friday 3 April 2020

Stricter controls have been imposed at Fethiye’s markets to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus among stallholders and their customers.

The report from MuglaTurk indicates, while stalls have been spread further apart than normal at today’s Friday market, barriers have also been erected and a one-in-one-out system is operating at designated entry and exit points similar to the restrictions used in larger supermarkets.

Markets at Patlangiç tomorrow and Çalış on Sunday may follow suit.


Vehicle TUV inspections postponed for 3 months

COVID-19 daily round up – Friday 3 April 2020

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure has granted an additional three months to those who are unable to take their vehicle for TUV inspections due to the corona virus outbreak. This is effective from 3 April 2020.

If necessary, the three-month period could be extended by the Ministry.


Fethiye Mayor holds press conference about COVID-19 in Fethiye

COVID-19 daily round up – Friday 3 April 2020

In a press conference this afternoon, Fethiye Mayor Alim Karaca gave an update on COVID-19 in Fethiye.

Mehmet Saltık, 71, who was treated for Covid-19 at Fethiye State Hospital, died two days ago and was buried by at Çatalarık Cemetery by a team from the Municipality.

His wife, Sevinç Saltık, is currently receiving treatment for the virus at Fethiye State Hospital. She has suffered serious damage to her lungs however, her general condition is good.

The couple lived in Hamburg, Germany and came to Istanbul in February and to Fethiye on 18 March. They were admitted to the hospital on 24 March where they were diagnosed
as COVID-19 positive.

The Mayor stated that there is no quarantine in the Akarca District, where the couple lived. He said, “The Health Directorate related to that region are carrying out a comprehensive study as to whether the area should be isolated. This controlled study continues and there is no quarantine”

The Mayor went on to say “Currently, there are 5 positive coronavirus cases in Fethiye State Hospital. There are also 8 other patients displaying symptoms awaiting test results. Serious problems are waiting for us if we do not stay and home. We want to stop people entering Fethiye. I ask all of our citizens on the street, please be isolated in your homes.”


New system for electricity and naturals bills

COVID-19 daily round up – Friday 3 April 2020

In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, a new system will be used for calculating electricity and natural gas bills from April.

To protect the personnel who read the meters from the virus, the bills will be based on average usage from the last two years.

After the epidemic, meters will be read and an adjustment will be made to accounts based on actual usage from those readings.

If there is no previous consumption history for any particular month, invoices will be issued calculated on the precedent consumption or the consumption of other properties of the same type and size.


Global statistics

There are now 1,062,237 confirmed cases of COVID-19 globally, of which 225,603 have recovered. The number of fatalities stands at 56,570.

Source:  Worldometer

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