COVID-19 has completely changed the daily lives of people the world over.

Unprecedented measures to curb the spread of the virus are being taken all over the world. Countries have been put into lockdown, schools closed, events canceled, shops and workplaces shuttered, with millions being told to work from home, and emergency funds released.

In Turkey, the president launched a National Solidarity Campaign to provide additional support to low-income people suffering economically due to the measures taken against the spread of the disease.

We’re all in this together

The world is coming together to fight this global crisis, and people are uniting in all sorts of different ways to help each other and make sure we get through this together.

There are 6,500 foreign nationals who live here and call Fethiye home, and, in normal circumstances, daily life bobs along quite happily. Who would have thought for one minute when they moved here, that in 2020 we would be living through a crisis on a global scale?

Throughout everything that is happening, the Fethiye District Governor’s office and Fethiye Municipality are doing the very best they can for everyone, both locals and foreigners.

As a result of the circular issued by the Ministry of the Interior, the Vefa Coordination Group was established by the Muğla Governorship and food, medicine and other needs of those restricted from leaving their homes are met by the officers of the group.

COVID-19 daily round up – Sunday 29 March 2020
A member of the Vefa Coordination Group delivers shopping to a resident in Fethiye.

Fethiye Municipality is also now making important tannoy announcements in Turkish and English. 

Together We Are Stronger (Birlikte Daha Güçlüyüz)
Mick Scarsbrook recording tannoy announcements in English

Fethiye Municipality are in daily contact with Fethiye Times and Corona Caring Fethiye and working hard to support us and deal with our many queries.

Thank you from the residents of Fethiye

Many residents have conveyed their thanks to the Governor’s office and Fethiye Municipality on social media.

Here are some of the messages:

Maggie Upton Todd: Thank you so much for your support in these difficult times.

Paula Karagöz: You do a great job of helping people who can’t go out. I hope it continues like this. Bravo to all of you! 

Linda Robson: Thank you very much. You are our lifeline and we are very grateful.

Denise Toraman: Thank you so much for being there. You are doing a great job. 

Jacob Doyle: Thanks to Fethiye Municipality management and all staff for their diligent and respectful work.

Kay Stamps: Great job, many thanks.

 Tony Wilkins: I was very honored and happy to be a part of this community. Thank you, Turkey and the Fethiye Municipality.

Susan Russell: I was very impressed by this wonderful country’s fight against this crisis. Special thanks to our municipality, the police, the Police and all the volunteers. 

Wendy Slade: I just cannot thank the municipality, the police, the Police, all the healthcare professionals for their help, kindness and hard work. We already loved this country before, but now we love it more than ever. 

Shirley Stuart: It’s great to see that the Council did a great job with the police, the Police, the healthcare professionals and many volunteers during these difficult times! 

Fethiye Mayor Alim Karaca said, “During the summer and winter, 6500 foreign nationals live in and around Fethiye. Some of these individuals are married to Turkish citizens, some have been residing in our country for many years. These people, most of whom are UK citizens, are now our neighbors, friends, friends and confidants.” 

To Fethiye Governor, Muzaffer Şahiner and Fethiye Mayor, Alim Karaca and his team – a massive thank you for all the help you have given Fethiye Times.

Together We Are Stronger (Birlikte Daha Güçlüyüz)