Deaths related to COVID-19 in Turkey have risen to a total of 277, while the total number of cases has reached 15,679, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said Wednesday, during a press conference following a Science Council Meeting on the deadly disease outbreak.

Koca today broke down the regional variations in the figures for the first time, adding that positive cases had been detected in all 81 of Turkey’s provinces, including 43 cases across the province of Muğla.

Here’s a map of the number of cases of coronavirus in the 81 provinces of Turkey.

COVID-19 daily round up – Thursday 2 April 2020

“This is a war regarding public health,” Koca said, asking every citizen to closely adhere to hygiene and social isolation rules, while hinting to tighter travel restrictions.

READ: COVID-19 deaths in Turkey rise to 277, cases reach 15,679


First death from coronavirus confirmed in Fethiye

COVID-19 daily round up – Thursday 2 April 2020
Mehmet Saltık, with his wife Sevinç

The first death from Coronavirus has now been confirmed in Fethiye.

Mehmet Saltık, an elderly man from Akarca,who had lived in Hamburg, Germany, for 45 years, died from the virus in the Fethiye State Hospital yesterday (1 April).

His wife, Sevinç, who also tested positive for the virus, is in intensive care undergoing treatment.

The funeral took place at Fethiye Çatalarık Cemetery last night.


Coronavirus control checkpoint on Fethiye-Seydikemer highway

COVID-19 daily round up – Thursday 2 April 2020

A checkpoint for Coronavirus control is creating queues of traffic at Cırpı on the Fethiye -Seydikemer highway.

District Traffic Supervision Station, Jandarma and health teams are carrying out detailed checks on vehicle occupants including, checking temperatures and ID’s to make sure there are no citizens of over 65 in the vehicle.

Checks are carried out to make sure the social distancing rules for vehicles are also being followed.

The precautions issued by the Ministries of Health and Interior are explained and citizens recommended to stay in their homes as much as possible.

During the checks, a number of people wanted for other reasons, were apprehended.


COVID-19 daily round up – Thursday 2 April 2020

Meanwhile, in Milas, police were present at the busy Tuesday market ensuring the precautions for markets were taken and a thermal camera drone was used to identify anyone with a high temperature . The drone also made public announcements such as reminding people to throw masks in the trash.


Turkey’s tourism season postponed until after May

COVID-19 daily round up – Thursday 2 April 2020

Turkey’s tourism season is expected to be postponed until after May due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the country’s culture and tourism minister said on Thursday.

“Hopefully, we will see that activities will start again with domestic tourism during the Ramadan Feast,” Mehmet Nuri Ersoy noted.

Eid ul-Fitr, or Ramadan Feast, will be celebrated at the end of May in 2020.

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A basket for the needy in time of outbreak in Turkey

COVID-19 daily round up – Thursday 2 April 2020
Jeffrey Tucker stands next to his basket, in Istanbul, Turkey, Thursday, April 2, 2020. (İHA Photo)

Inspired by a similar practice in Italy, Jeffrey Tucker, a British expatriate living in Istanbul, decided to give back to the community during the coronavirus outbreak.

Tucker, a resident of Istanbul’s historic Balat neighborhood for the past six years, lowers a basket full of food from his apartment’s window. A sign placed atop the basket reads “Those who can give can put it into the basket, those who need can take them.” So far, someone put a loaf of bread into the basket crammed with pasta, eggs and fruits by Tucker.

READ: A basket for the needy in time of outbreak in Turkey

Global statistics

There are now 962,882 confirmed cases of COVID-19 globally, of which 203,274 have recovered. The number of fatalities stands at 49,191.

Source:  Worldometer

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