The number of people diagnosed with COVID-19 in Turkey is now 9,217 and the death toll stands at 131, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced in a tweet late Sunday.

COVID-19 daily round up – Monday 30 March 2020

Experts say the next two to three weeks may see virus cases peak and that it is, therefore, vital to stay home to prevent the virus from spreading further.

READ: Coronavirus cases in Turkey surpass 9,000, with 131 dead

The Interior Ministry restricted the operation of taxis in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir to restrict the spread of the virus, stressing “the most effective way to stem the spread of the virus is to reduce social mobility and human contact, and to observe social isolation”

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Questions and Answers on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Questions and Answers on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We have answered the questions that have been asked of us so far and the answers are coming back in from the various official sources. Here is the update as of 30 March 2020.

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‘COVID-19 pandemic may ease in two months if measures implemented’

COVID-19 daily round up – Monday 30 March 2020

It’s natural that everyone wants to know how long the COVID-19 crisis is going to last and Professor Fusün Eyüboğlu from the Turkish government’s health ministry science committee has at least made an estimate based on what we know so far.

You can read his full Q&A with the Hurriyet Daily News by clicking on the link – but even Prof Eyüboğlu concedes the answer really depends on how we all behave.

READ: COVID-19 pandemic may ease in two months if measures implemented’

Aydem vow no power outages until April 30

COVID-19 daily round up – Monday 30 March 2020

Power cuts have been a part of life of late as Aydem has been carrying out repair and maintenance work across the region.

However, in light of the current crisis, Fethiye Gerçek reports the company has vowed there will be no more planned outages until April 30.


Turkey denies claims of inaccurate COVID-19 data

COVID-19 daily round up – Monday 30 March 2020

Turkey’s health minister criticized social media early Monday over allegations that official data on the novel coronavirus is inaccurate.

“Claims on social media that there is an incoherency in the data we announced are completely unfounded,” Fahrettin Koca said on Twitter.

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Coronavirus: Fake news crackdown by UK government

COVID-19 daily round up – Monday 30 March 2020

What now seems like weeks ago, Fethiye Times put out a message to our readers explaining our position on misleading or false information posted on our website or social media. If you missed our message you can read it below.

The UK government now have a rapid response unit within the Cabinet Office working with social media firms to remove fake news and harmful content.

READ: Coronavirus: Fake news crackdown by UK government

A Message For Our Readers

These are difficult and trying times for us all but they can be made even worse by misleading or false information so, with that in mind, Fethiye Times is to redouble its efforts to ensure all information regarding coronavirus on our website and social media feeds is accurate and verified by official sources.
As a result, we will not be allowing comment on any threads to include speculation. Repetition of unverified reports or the sharing of spurious data will also be deleted if it cannot be backed up with a link to reliable source.
With the situation in Turkey escalating quickly, we need to focus our limited resources on making sure what we share is both timely and accurate. Although we very much hope our readers will continue to use us as a valuable information resource, we hope you can help us by limiting personal opinions and debates on the measures being taken to your own social media profiles or to forums which have been established for that purpose.
If you think there is an aspect to the crisis we have missed or if you have any questions which have so far remained unanswered, we will do our best to respond as quickly as possible. However, it would be appreciated if you could send questions via email to or via Facebook Messenger to reduce the risk of comment sparking fresh debate and confusion.
Many thanks for your consideration and cooperation

Global Death Toll

The global death toll has surpassed 35,300, with 742,531 cases confirmed, according to Worldometer. 157,046 people have recovered.

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