Our hospital has been accepted as a pandemic (epidemic) hospital from 20.03.2020 in line with the specific intensive care criteria specified in the announcement of the Ministry of Health, General Directorate of Health Services, number 14500235-403.99.

Our aim is to communicate accurate information in the most transparent way and we will share the precautions we take, and the health precautions to be taken, via announcements at certain intervals.

So far, our hospital has taken all precautions in line with the legislation and directives of both the Ministry of Health, the provincial and district Health Directorates and its administrative board.

In this first announcement, the information we would like to bring to your attention is as follows:

1. All doors to the hospital have been closed apart from the Emergency entrance. All access will be controlled through this single entrance.

2. All entries to the hospital must be made via the triage outpatient clinic which is has been set up in front of the emergency department. Here, all patients will be screened for coronavirus after which they will be able to enter the hospital or, in the event of a positive result, taken to quarantine.

3. No visitors or patient escorts are allowed into the hospital during the day. Visitors will be only allowed between the hours of 20:00 and 21:00 in the evening and be limited to one person. We request your cooperation in this matter.

4. In order to protect our employees, we have given permission to our physicians and employees who are over the age of 65 or who have chronic diseases to stay at home.

5. Although we will be accepting patients other than those with coronavirus as normal, in order to keep the intensity to a minimum and reduce the risk, temporary suspension of service has been made in many departments, especially the Physical Therapy Unit, Dietitian and Aesthetics Unit.

6. We recommend our patients to come to the hospital by appointment only if a visit is necessary and to attend their appointment at the exact time.

7. In order to reduce contact amongst groups of people, all waiting / seating areas such as cafes and buffets are temporarily closed, and the use of in-hospital elevators is reduced to a minimum .

8. The treatment and observations of all patients who have been suspected of coronavirus so far have been done by our specialist physicians following all protocols.

9. The test results of these patients all were negative.

10. Currently, we do not have any patients with positive test results in our hospital.

11. It is natural that this process will be changeable, therefore, we will continue to provide you with as much information as possible.

12. Our hospital will continue to do its best to fulfill this heavy duty with its entire staff in terms of quarantine areas and intensive care services. While we try to comply with, and implement all precautions, we have sent our employees from the risky group on leave, and, in order to protect yourself and your loved ones, we expect you not to leave your home except in emergencies.

If you suspect you have, or want information about, coronavirus, please call our Ministry’s “Coronarvirus Counseling Hotline” on 184.

We will continue to share developments with you.