These are extraordinary times we are living in and the crisis we find ourselves in the midst of, is unprecedented in our lifetime.

The team at Fethiye Times, along with and our supporters, are working to bring you the most up to date and factual information possible to keep you updated with what is happening.

Not only are we trawling through hundreds of alerts about the coronavirus to identify the information that is useful to our readers, but we are also dealing with questions and following up on information sent in – all of which we are more than happy to do. This is however, a drain on our resources.

Steve and I were talking yesterday and have made the decision that, whilst we are in the midst of this crisis, we will not be following our usual format for news and articles but will instead bring you the news as follows.

Each morning we will bring you an update – via Fethiye Times Facebook page- on the numbers; how many people in Turkey have been diagnosed with covid-19 and the death toll, along with any news that has broken overnight.

Throughout the day we will bring you news updates as they happen, both nationally, locally and direct from the Municipality. Again this will be via the Fethiye Times Facebook page.

Early evening, we will bring you a round up of the days news via This will be a brief summary of what has happened in the last 24 hours, with appropriate links. That way, you will have have everything you need to know (by day) in one place for easy reference.

The Fethiye Times daily articles will be temporarily suspended, however we are aware that people are isolated in their homes and need something else to think about to alleviate ‘cabin fever’. We will therefore bring you articles on an ad-hoc basis that we hope you will enjoy.

Steve will continue with the weekly photo album and we will also bring you photographs from around Fethiye and the local area for as long as we can still go out for work and essentials.

COVID-19 daily round up – Monday 23 March 2020

COVID-19 daily round up - Monday 23 March 2020
Workers disinfect streets in southern Adana province. (AA Photo)

Turkey has confirmed nine more deaths from COVID-19, bringing the total to 30, all of whom were senior citizens. The total number of confirmed cases rose to 1,256, an increase of 309 cases in 24 hours.

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said on Sunday evening “Turkey has conducted 20,345 coronavirus tests so far, 1,256 of which came back positive.”

Ankara took its strictest measures so far on Saturday, banning people over 65 and those with chronic health problems from leaving their homes. The Interior Ministry ordered all restaurants to shut down to customers except for deliveries and take-out. On Sunday, the ministry banned picnics and barbecues as too many Turkish citizens continue to ignore warnings to remain at home.

Based on worldwide trends, infections of the aggressive virus are predicted to continue multiplying in Turkey.

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Banks reduce working hours from today

COVID-19 daily round up - Monday 23 March 2020

Whilst there is still no all-encompassing lockdown in place in Turkey, further measures have significantly altered daily life.

Following a recommendation from the Banks Association of Turkey, effective from Monday 23 March, banks will reduce their working hours from 12:00 to 17:00.

Please be mindful that today there were massive queues outside the banks in Fethiye at 12:00. If you have to physically go into your bank, you might want to consider getting there a little later. Please make sure you take extra care and maintain a distance of at least one meter from other people.


German couple fined 6300 TL for not complying with quarantine rules

COVID-19 daily round up - Monday 23 March 2020

Reports so far suggest enforcement of the failure to self quarantine or breaking curfew for over 65s differs from region to region, with some areas offering “advice” to those who break it while others are being ordered to return home immediately.

However, in Konya, the TRT Haber news team report one German couple faced a much stiffer penalty in the form of a 6,300TL fine for not complying with the self quarantine rule on returning from Germany – perhaps deterrent enough if you’re considering ignoring the restrictions.

Elderly Turks play tag with police amid corona curfew

COVID-19 daily round up - Monday 23 March 2020

It is perhaps the most dangerous time to be elderly, but the coronavirus did little to daunt the country’s senior citizens from going out. “I am not that old,” a 74-year-old man told Istanbul police who were enforcing the ban on people aged 65 and older from leaving their house.

A statement from the Ministry of Health said, “It is of utmost importance for all our citizens to comply with the measures taken to halt the epidemic as soon as possible,”

While a decrease in the number of people outside offers a glimmer of hope, the fact that thousands ignored calls to stay at home and flocked to parks and coastal areas across the country has had the opposite effect.


Source: TRT World

Corona curfew in Turkey: A guideline for the elderly, chronically ill

COVID-19 daily round up - Monday 23 March 2020

The recent coronavirus curfew and home confinement measures in Turkey have got many, especially the expat community, asking about how to shop or go to the doctor or banks. Here’s a breakdown of it and a guide to follow to avoid breaking the rules

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Turkish medical society lists measures against COVID-19

COVID-19 daily round up - Monday 23 March 2020

The Turkish Geriatrics Society released a statement on Monday stressing the importance of hygiene in avoiding the novel coronavirus.

In a written statement, the society emphasized that there was currently no vaccine against the virus and that recommendations mostly focused on prevention strategies.

It reiterated that the elderly were at higher risk of serious complications if they contracted COVID-19, according to scientific studies.

There are over 349,000 confirmed cases worldwide, with a death toll topping 15,000, while more than 100,000 have recovered.

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Turkey applauds health workers fighting COVID-19

Don’t forget to go out onto your balconies tonight at 9pm (local time) and applaud, whistle and cheer our health workers on.

As President Erdoğan says in the video, “The efforts of our healthcare professionals deserve more than any kind of applause”


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