These are difficult and trying times for us all but they can be made even worse by misleading or false information so, with that in mind, Fethiye Times is to redouble its efforts to ensure all information regarding coronavirus on our website and social media feeds is accurate and verified by official sources.

As a result, we will not be allowing comment on any threads to include speculation. Repetition of unverified reports or the sharing of spurious data will also be deleted if it cannot be backed up with a link to reliable source.

With the situation in Turkey escalating quickly, we need to focus our limited resources on making sure what we share is both timely and accurate.

Although we very much hope our readers will continue to use us as a valuable information resource, we hope you can help us by limiting personal opinions and debates on the measures being taken to your own social media profiles or to forums which have been established for that purpose.

If you think there is an aspect to the crisis we have missed or if you have any questions which have so far remained unanswered, we will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

However, it would be appreciated if you could send questions via email to or via Facebook Messenger to reduce the risk of comment sparking fresh debate and confusion.

Many thanks for your consideration and cooperation.

Lyn Ward & the team