Local animal charity HAYED has run into financial difficulties due to the high number of street animals requiring expensive medical interventions. 

This is due mainly to the success of HAYEDS helpline which has been suspended for the foreseeable future.

HAYED are still receiving calls but at present are requesting the public to take the animal to one of our designated vets and asking for a donation towards the cost of treatment.

The posts on Social Media that HAYED will be ceasing operations are not true. HAYED will still continue with their feeding program, Education Park, and also assisting street animals requiring medical care when possible.

HAYED receives NO government funding for animals in road traffic accidents. Treatment for these is expensive and requires lengthy recovery, usually in kennels, due to a shortage of fosterers.

The local shelter does not have the necessary equipment or facilities to deal with many of the problems brought on by road traffic accidents resulting in the responsibility and cost being transferred to HAYED.

HAYED are still continuing their fund raising efforts to enable them to continue to help the street animals in Fethiye and the surrounding districts.

Donations can be made by via the HAYED website at hayed.org

HAYED would like to take this opportunity to thank all our volunteers, supporters, sponsors, HAYED designated vets and the local animal shelter for all their help and support. Without your efforts HAYED would not be able to care for the welfare of the street animals.