Written by Şemsi Toprak for Fethiye Times.

Despite the times when digitalization and virtual communication are developing gradually, sometimes people still prefer to use the channels that can enable them to communicate face to face. Sectoral fairs are crucial for enabling this face-to-face communication and EMITT’s (East Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Exhibition) place is no different when it comes to Fethiye and tourism.

Cooperation and acting together work best for Fethiye!

EMITT welcomes around 60.000 visitors every year and this year 201 stands were set up by more than 1000 exhibitors. Being represented at a high level in EMITT has become a habit for Fethiye especially after the important successes in the past few years. Fethiye had been selected for Best Destination Representation in the last two years and this year it was no different and received the same award for the third time in a row. 

Cooperation and acting together work best for Fethiye!
Fethiye Mayor Alim Karaca (centre) with Fethiye Governor Muzaffer Şahiner (right) and President of Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry Osman Çıralı (left) with the award plaque.

This decisive success is of course not easily achieved. Thanks to the tourism council established several years before in Fethiye, the custom of cooperation between the tourism stakeholders and institutions started to increase. Almost every institution operating in the field of tourism sent at least one representative to the organization whose stand costs were covered by the Fethiye Municipality. In addition to the participation of the district governor and mayor, presidents of trade chambers and chairman of non-governmental organizations contributed to the promotion of the destination. 

Cooperation and acting together work best for Fethiye!
Muğla Metropolitan Mayor Osman Gürün with Muğla representatives

In addition to this recurring success of Fethiye, another remarkable development this year was the union of the important destinations of Muğla, with all the local governments going to the same party. Under the leadership of the Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, Fethiye, Marmaris, Bodrum and Datça Destinations are no longer overlooked as they started to act together on many issues. This partnership is an important development in the name of solving the infrastructure problems of these important destinations of Turkey.

It can be said that important collaborations between the institutions in Fethiye and the districts in Muğla is perhaps one of the most important developments in recent years. This synergy and cooperation are also indicating that apart from tourism promotion, infrastructure problems of these important designations can be solved in harmony.