A stunt pilot makes a safe landing at sunset. Picture by Steve Parsley.

The 20th Ölüdeniz International Games ended on Sunday but, sadly, not without incident.

One pilot from Russia lost his life and two others were injured after a mid-air collision late on Friday afternoon.

Reports suggest tandem paraglider Pawel Trishin had just taken off from the 1,700m launch point with passenger Feder Chelyshev, followed by fellow Russians Sergei Soliar with passenger Julia Shato.

News reports indicated Shato tangled with Trishin and Chelyshev ‘s canopy after free-falling from Solair’s to perform an acrobatics show.

As a result of the collision, Trishin was killed and Soliar and Chelyshev were injured and are recovering in hospital. Shato landed safely on Ölüdeniz Beach.

Nevertheless, the programme resumed on Saturday and even the Mayor of Fethiye, Alım Karaca – who opened the event on Tuesday – was among the passengers to take off from Babadağ.

“We live in a corner of paradise and it was a wonderful feeling to watch Ölüdeniz from the sky,” he said.        

A powerglider pilot skims the water as her puts his rig through its paces. Picture by Norman Clark.

The Turkish Stars aerobatic display team was due to perform a show over Çalış as part of the final day’s programme on Sunday but were forced to cancel as a result of events on the Syrian border.

Nevertheless, the event was largely unaffected by weather this year and attracted large crowds throughout the week, providing the resort with a much-needed boost in the wake of the collapse of Thomas Cook.

Images in our gallery are provided by Norman Clark and Steve Parsley.