Organisers of this weekend’s festival in Kayaköy have released more details of this year’s programme, which begins officially at lunchtime on Saturday.

The main programme of events will be held on the performance area which has been set up behind the village’s Can Market adjacent to the roundabout near the Kayaköy mosque.

However, organisers are hoping local businesses will also man stalls which will both line the streets and fill a special arts and crafts area, also located in a field adjacent to the mosque but on the opposite side of the road to the concert area.

A children’s area will also be hosted by the village’s Bay Efetto Restaurant while many of the community’s bars and restaurants are also planning events of their own.

In photos: Kayaköy Festival (Şenliği) - music, dance and much more
Music and dance was a big part of last year’s programme. Photo Credit: Steve Parsley

The official programme released this week reads as follows:    


12.00: Respect and National Anthem

12.10: Opening Concert

13.00: Folklore team show

13.30 – 15.00: Stallsopen

16.00: Ahmet Eraslan – bağlama performance

16.30: Bahri Çatal – bağlama performance

17.00: Engin Çatal – piano performance

19.00: Azerbaijani poetry readings

20.00: Ahura Rhythm collective

22.00: Tahsin Duru performs a Turkish music concert

In photos: Kayaköy Festival (Şenliği) - music, dance and much more
Arts and handicraft stalls have been given their own area adjacent to the mosque. Photo Credit: Steve Parsley


11.00: Greek team arrive and Sirtaki folklore group show

13.00: Speeches

15.00: Turkish and Greek Folklore Show

15.15: Aşure cookery demonstrations

16.00: Özer Olgun Commemoration Ceremony

16.30: Ahmet Eraslan – music and singing

17.00: Arif Sümbül – bağlama performance

17.30: Halit Eroğlu Lykia Latin Group performance

18.30: Andon musical performance

19.10: Slide show including historic images of Kayaköy

20.10: Adnan Albayrak – Turkish art and music show

22.00: Grup Gündoğarken – popular Turkish musical performance

Some road closures will be in force during the festival with the map areas in blue showing routes which will be closed to cars with those in green open for local access only. Large parking areas will be provided at the majority of closure points.

Road closures will be in place on Saturday and Sunday.