The organisation behind the Babadağ “Sky Walk” cable car project has indicated it remains optimistic that the new attraction will be open by the end of 2020.

Work on the cable car line itself is almost complete, the Babadağ Grill is already in operation, a glass walkway has been installed along with an artificial pond stocked with fish imported from Japan.

The intermediate station at the 1,200m is also almost finished while the chairlift between the 1,700m launch point and the 1,800m platform is also largely ready.

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Walking route

A café and observation point  have been built at the latter while there are plans to lay out a walking route between the 1,800m point and the summit at 1,900m.

Here, the old fire observation post has also been demolished and a terraced café and helipad built in its place, while work is underway on a giant Turkish flag measuring 30 sqm.

However, the recreation centre will also include playgrounds and a new amphitheatre while permission is expected to be given for the departure point before the end of 2019.

Construction work will begin once the project has been given approval while the winter months will also see work continue on the installation of power lines.

A new trekking route is part of the plan for Babadag

More flights

This year, an estimated 30,000 solo pilots will have launched from the mountain, with 160,000 tandem launches introducing tourists and visitors to the stunning views and adrenaline rush of flights under a paraglider canopy.

However, once the project is complete, The Fethiye/Babadağ Air Games and Recreation Centre expects to cater for at least 200,000 tandem flights alone, with many more visitors making the trip up Babadağ to enjoy the views, and new facilities.