A delegation from Kayaköy has met the governor of Fethiye, Muzaffer Şahiner, to try to resolve recurring issues in the village, including the interruption in supplies of water and electricity.

Recent building in the area has highlighted a lack of transformers carrying current to properties across the valley, leading to intermittent outages.

However, additional complaints from villagers have also addressed issues of security, the impact of new homes and the flooding which left a significant part of the valley underwater for several days over the winter.

The flooding which left parts of the Kaya valley underwater for several days.

Recent communication

Fethiye Gerçek reported this week that Governor Şahiner has acknowledged recent communication from village mukhtar Metin Ekiz.

The Kayaköy Beautification Cooperative was also represented on the delegation and president Tarik Yilmaz thanked the governor for his time and understanding.

“He even conveyed our problems and solutions in a better way than us,” he said.

However, according to Fethiye Gerçek, Governor Şahiner indicated there were many aspects of village life he needed to consider.

General evaluation

“Kayaköy is a very important centre for our district and region,” he said. “We are constantly following problems through our mukhtar Metin Ekiz but there are 760 registered historical monuments, two churches and 14 chapels.

“They need to be included in the zoning plan and we have presented relevant issues to our minister. However, we have also put together a general evaluation about the problems the village is experiencing, including with security, infrastructure, building, power outages and flooding.

“We also have problems with power outages related to the new buildings and we will collect signatures about this and submit them along with verbal representations to AYDEM.”