The Hampshire Constabulary has informed the family of missing David Cann, who disappeared in Turkey on July 2, that they are now treating the case as high risk.

This means that additional search efforts, asked for since Mr Cann was reported missing by  family and friends, are now beginning to be deployed.

Mr Cann, 56, was last seen on leaving the Happy Nur Hotel, in

Hisarönü, Turkey. He had planned to walk to Kayaköy and Ölüdeniz.  

.Additional search resources include examination of Mr Cann’s mobile phone data – including last transmissions and positions. GPS data is hoped for.

David Cann, centre, missing in Turkey since July 2

DNA harvesting

Hampshire Police have visited Mr Cann’s home address in Southsea to conduct DNA harvesting – the practise of collecting DNA samples from items such as toothbrushes and hairbrushes in case it is needed for comparison.

Additional efforts have involved accessing social media and email accounts. Hampshire Constabulary are working with the Turkish police force, or Jandarma, along with Turkish Intelligence forces.

Mr Cann’s family met with officials at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on Thursday following their return from Turkey.

In a meeting that included a conference call with Consular staff in Turkey, the family were assured that clarity would be obtained from all agencies – something they had concerns about following conflicting information.

The family said they were relieved at the UK police involvement.

Mr Cann’s nephew, Gavin Thomas said: “Our overriding feeling at the moment is that we are relieved that the British Police are now involved and that the many different processes of the investigation are being explained to us.

“These processes may well have been going on over in Turkey but unfortunately this was not communicated to us.”

The search continues

The search continues in Turkey; the family are being supported by The Lucie Blackman Trust which helps families with a missing person overseas.

The charity’s chief executive, Matthew Searle MBE, said that information was such a crucial aspect for the family at this point.

“The decision to return to the UK is always incredibly difficult while a missing case is ongoing.

“The feeling of leaving them behind is all consuming. Now, more than ever, the family need timely and accurate information. The Lucie Blackman Trust will work with other agencies to ensure this happens.”

The family has set up a Go Fund Me page to assist with costs and to support the charities that have helped them. The fundraiser is