The newly elected Mayor of Fethiye, Alim Karaca, talked of his plans to build a beautiful Fethiye in his speech last week.

New Mayor talks of plans to build a beautiful Fethiye
The new Mayor of Fethiye, Alim Karaca

He talked openly about his concerns and the improvements he plans to make as mentioned in the election campaign.

First he made it very clear that no illegitimate business dealings will be tolerated. He said “If I ever give away a public property to benefit one of my relatives or one of our council members in terms of receiving unearned income or if a corruption is detected then I would resign immediately. I would take my jacket and leave. I know where I come from, and I can never forget that.”

He went on to say When I came to serve our people and our city, I had no more than a jacket on me and when my serving to time is over, I will leave with only that jacket. I have told our 17 council members not to come to me with illegitimate monetary related work offers. Whoever gets involved in illegitimate businesses or works for their own benefit cannot and will not stay with us”. 

Speaking about the municipality he said:

“The municipality is here for the service of our people. From now on, no money will be taken from licensing works. If the paperwork is complete and if everything is accordance with the law then the business owner will only come to our municipality to get their licence and drink our tea. If it does not comply with the law, the necessary conditions are not fulfilled, it is not possible to take the license with money. Let our people know that.”

Karaca than went on to talk about some of the infrastructure issues in Fethiye and the work that has already started.

First of all, Fethiye has a traffic problem. We will solve this problem. Fethiye’s entrances and main roads are our city’s mirrors and they will be rebuilt starting from November. The roads will be hot asphalt. When the tourism season is over, we will make our roads, streets and pavements very beautiful and the face of Fethiye will change

We are going to put the power lines underground and the work on the İnönü boulevard will begin immediately.

We have been visiting our villages and neighbourhoods since the day we were elected. During our thank you visits we are also evaluating the problems of the area and coming up with solutions.  

We will beautify the ugly areas in the city with concept applications. Not only in the city centre, but also in the most distant neighbourhoods.

We will have a 64 km bike lane which will run around the peninsula. The bike lane route will run from the road over Hillside to Hisarönü, continue to Ovacık, and from Ovacık it will connect to the city center. We will also build bike lanes in Göcek and Üzümlü which will be connected to the high ways. This whole work will cost 15 million TL and will be 100% funded by grants.

The construction of the social facility in Üzümlü continues.

We will start the construction of the Saturday Market in the forthcoming months and we want to finish it this year. The market will generate its own electricity

We are also about to allocate the market place belonging to National Estate in Foça neighborhood. That market place will be generating its own electricity too and the excess production will be sold to Aydem.

The Kayıkseki area in Karaçulha will be turned in to a recreation area. We are also working on acquiring the area in Değirmenbaşı which we will turn into a recreation area too.

We are taking Karaot beach now and will turn it into ‘public beach’. We will bid for the Büyüksamanlık Bay and, if we can win the tender at a reasonable price, we will turn that bay in to a public beach too.  

We are preparing a project for Bahriye Üçok Park, I will build a Public Café for pensioners. We can establish a library in a corner of it.

Saadettin Saran has promised to build an indoor sport hall with only one condition that its colours will be yellow & navy blue. I say why not? If the youth of Fethiye will gain a sports facility the colours are not an issue.  

We will rearrange the ‘Aşıklar Tepesi (Lovers Hill) and turn it into Observation Hill. It is going to be a beautiful place for public use.  

We have a place in Depboy. It is going to be the City Museum. 

We have a permit to build a Child Monitoring Centre in Çatalarık and the work will take place very soon.

Our animal shelter is not in a good condition. We have are negotiatings for changes to the plans and we will renew the animal shelter. 

We are building a Downs Café which will be run by the people with Downs Syndrome. 

100 Years Age House will be built. 

These are the areas where we have started work or have reached their final stage.

We will build a Youth Centre like the one in Eskişehir where young people can make good and productive use of their time. 

In the first week of August, we are organizing a Rock Festival. 

We will try to find sponsors for many of our services. The municipality should not pay for everything.

Our goal is to build a beautiful Fethiye that we dreamed of.”

Thank you to Aslı Toprak for translating the speech for us.


  1. Dear Lyn, hello 🙋‍♀️ what about parking problem in the city centre? Uğur Mumcu parking lot is a disaster for both parking issues and also payment. They ask for 2 TL even if you cannot find a space to park and give up with parking. I hope I did not overlook this item while I was reading the article.

    • Hello Gülderen

      The Mayor does make reference to the traffic problem in his speech but doesn’t give any details as to what the plan is at this stage. I guess all will be revealed in the coming weeks and months.

      Kind regards


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