Can you believe it’s five months since Yaşam İçin Yarış 2018!

All monies have now been collected and you raised the fantastic amount of 124,500TL

We’re sure that everyone who ‘raced for life’ is wondering how we’ll be spending the money so, after a series of meetings, we’re now in a position to be able to update you on where we’re up to.

Where has the money be used in the past?

In previous years, we have used the monies raised to buy equipment for the Devlet (State) Hospital in Fethiye.

In 2015 the money raised was used to buy an Endoscope –  A medical instrument used for visual examination of the interior of a body cavity or a hollow organ such as the colon, bladder, or stomach.

In 2016 the money raised was used to buy a Bronchoscope –  A thin, flexible instrument with a lighted viewing tube that is used to visualise the air passages to the lungs.

In 2017 the money raised was used to refit the chemotherapy ward with new chairs, side tables and a fridge. A machine for cleaning the endoscpe was also purchased.

Yaşam İçin Yarış 2018 - how will we spend the money
Members of the Yaşam İçin Yarış team with Dr Uğur at the presentation of the chairs for the chemotherapy unit

Yaşam İçin Yarış – Racing For Life

Where will the money go this year?

This year the Yaşam İçin Yarış team have looked into ways we can help people who are suffering with cancer in a more direct way.

The Oncology unit at the Devlet is the only one in Fethiye and many patients have to travel to hospitals in İzmir, Antalya and Denizli for treatments not available in Fethiye. This causes real hardship for poor families and some of those people cannot afford to travel for the treatment they so desperately need.

Dr Uğur Muslu

Yaşam İçin Yarış 2018 - how will we spend the money
Members of the Yaşam İçin Yarış team met with Dr Uğur Muslu at the Devlet Hospital

We met with Devlet Oncologist, Dr Uğur Muslu, to find out more. He told us…

“There are currently 1300 cancer patients registered at the Devlet Hospital. 150 of these are undergoing chemotherapy with 15 patients being treated every day. 

Every year between 300 and 500 new patients are diagnosed with cancer, 50% of these are treated at the Devlet. Patients have to travel for treatments not available at the Devlet, i.e. radiotherapy treatment is carried out in Denizli.

The people who cannot afford to travel for treatment are directed to Sosyal Yardım (the equivalent of UK Social Services). Sosyal Yardım receive requests for financial help for many things, not just medical treatment. They don’t have an unlimited budget so cannot help everyone.”

Helping to save lives

Yaşam İçin Yarış money will be used to support as many of these people as possible who, without help, may die.

That’s not as easy as it might sound and we still have a round of meetings with Sosyal Yardım to discuss the details of the process we need to put in place.

Once we have finalised the system, we will bring you full details and regular updates.

We have also agreed to purchase two more new chairs for the chemotherapy unit.

Yaşam İçin Yarış 2019

We’re already making plans for this year’s Yaşam İçin Yarış which will take place on

Sunday 13th October

Run IT, Walk IT, Beat IT!

Koş, Yürü, Başar!

Thank you to everyone who took part in last years’ race and made it possible for us to help to save lives.


  1. Thank you for your suggestion Denise

    Collection boxes are very highly regulated in Turkey and the process you have to follow to be able to use them is very complex.

    The Devlet Hospital is Goverment funded.

    Kind regards


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