The Fethiye region is one of the stars in a pop video for a new song released by London band Down From Above which showcases some of the most spectacular scenery from across the area.

Vocalist Anastasia Resurrection fell in love with the district after a holiday in Ölüdeniz which inspired more research. She even discovered later that her own great grandfather was a Turkish belly-dancer.

But not only do Patara, Babadağ, Ölüdeniz and some of the lush, green forests around Günlüklü take a leading role in the film, some of Fethiye’s businesses are also centre stage.

Starring roles

Ahu Erdoğan Akbaş from the town’s Kanat Butik is the female lead; the video itself was shot and produced by Ömer Öner and Yücel Özel from Fethiye’s Likya Fotoğraf ve Reklam Evi. The town’s Şaman Butik are also credited for playing a part in inspiring the film.

Ahu Erdoğan Akbaş from Fethiye’s Kanat Butik who plays the lead role in the new video of Where Angels Fall

The finished footage is also dedicated to the memory of Kay Gubb, Anastasia’s close friend who has sadly passed away since introducing her to the area.

The band completed the recording of the track before Anastasia decided the Fethiye region epitomised its mood perfectly and she began to plan the the video with Ömer.

But, as well as falling in love with the region’s natural beauty, the singer admits she also feels a personal and spiritual connection to the area.

Coming home

“My initial reaction to the area – especially Fethiye – was the feeling of being at home instantly and a connection to the land and its spirit with all the beauty it has to offer on all levels,” she said.

“I later found out one of the ancient names of Fethiye was Anastasiopolis which fits my name. This seemed more than a coincidence; I had the feeling that being drawn to the area was meant to be.

A scene from the video shot in the forests of Günlüklü.

“To me, coming to Fethiye was a calling as I only recently found out that my great-grandfather was a Turkish belly-dancer so then it made sense that I felt an instant connection with Turkey.”

Anastasia said she chose Ömer Öner as a partner for the film as she felt he shared her love of the Fethiye region.

“There is something empowering and healing about its natural landscape; somehow the sea, air and mountains speak to us in a connected and natural, unspoiled way – if we allow it.

“I hope that the music video captures this experience and lifts the listeners up when they watch it.”

The official video for Where Angels Fall by Down From Above can be viewed here: