In 2016 we published an article on Turkish e-visa scams.

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We have many comments from readers who are still being scammed by these websites so we’re bringing you an update to help make sure you aren’t one of the holidaymakers paying more that you should for your e-visa to Turkey.

The one and only official site

An e-visa costs $20 and you can pay using a credit or debit card. You can apply up to 3 months in advance of your travel date. Turkish visit visas issued on arrival are valid for multiple stays up to a maximum of 90 days in a 180 day period.

The one and only official e-visa site is:

Watch out, watch out - there are E-visa scams about!

Unauthorised websites

Some unauthorised websites may charge for information about e-Visas, and for submitting applications. These websites are not endorsed by or associated with the Turkish government. Be wary of such sites and businesses, particularly those that seek additional fees for other services. Some unauthorised websites have also issued fake e-Visas.

Here’s a list of unauthorised websites that are selling e-visas. Many of them look like the official version but they are NOT.  E-visa cost: $55 (£42) E-visa cost $49 – $129 (£37 – £98) This site does not provide a list of prices by country. E-visa cost: $60 (£45) E-visa cost: $65-110 (£50-£83) E-visa cost: $49-$79 (£37-£60)

These are just some of the sites – there are many more…

e-Visa Turkey

A word from GOV.UK/FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth office)

“In the Entry Requirements page of our Turkey travel advice we advise travellers to use the official visa website, quote the cost of a visa, and highlight unofficial visa application websites who may charge more for their service –

If you have any enquiries about e-visa’s,  please visit FCO travel advice or email them at:


The one and only official e-visa site is:



  1. We have just paid £300 for 4 why is this site the first one on the web it’s disgraceful take them off the web site

    • We’re very sorry to hear you have paid more than necessary for your e-visas.

      We published this update to try and help minimise this problem. The majority of these websites are not illegal however they charge you for services that are not deemed necessary by most people. There is one particular company who is at the top of Google search as they have a sponsored advert. The official site is second on the list.

      The one and only official e-visa site is:

  2. Beware! One supposed visa office is listed several times in different ways on the Internet, giving the reader the impression of contacting the Turkish government when tapping on the fake Turkish website address and getting the actual application form used by the Turkish government. You complete the form, pay by credit card (not the $20!) and in a matter of minutes get a visa that is apparently valid. During the several-minute period, the supposed visa office says that it is reviewing the application for submission to the Turkish government.

    • Hello Paula

      I’m pleased you got your visa without any problems. Not all unofficial sites are operating a scam by adding extra checks and costs to inflate the price of a visa.

      Kind regards