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Louise swims for HAYED

Can you imagine choosing to carry out a sponsored swim to raise money for charity when you are apprehensive about being in deep water?

No? Well, that’s what Louise Yeşiltepe did.

Charity News & Events – week ending 5th May 2018

Last Sunday (29th April), Louise swam from the Nil Bar in Çalış Beach, to Şövalye Island and back, a distance of some 4km. She completed the swim in 1hr 15 minutes.

On reaching Şövalye Island, Louise had a short rest but did not leave the water. Louise was quite apprehensive about open water swimming but was ably supported by two support boats in case she got into difficulties.

Charity News & Events – week ending 5th May 2018

Louise raised 4500 TL in sponsorship, her main sponsor being Holident Dental Surgery.

Charity News & Events – week ending 5th May 2018
A jubilant Louise who completed the swim in 1 hour 15 monutes.

Charity News & Events – week ending 5th May 2018

Louise, who lives in Yeşilüzümlü, is an active member of Hayed Üzümlü and the very recently completed Cat Park will benefit from Louise’s efforts.

Manager of the Cat Park, Claire Ganioğlu, said ‘Fantastic Louise & really well done getting the sponsors lovely lady, I admire your spirit especially as you are so scared of water, bless you’.

The Nil Bar also provided a buffet lunch for Louise’s supporters, the proceeds from which were also donated for the swim.

Charity News & Events – week ending 5th May 2018Hayed Üzümlü

Hayed Üzümlü carry out street cat and dog feeding programs as part of their programme to ensure animals are well cared for. They also run a neutering programme for street dogs and cats, reducing the number of animals on the street.

Hayed organise a number of fundraising functions throughout the year so keep an eye on local press and the various Facebook groups for the latest news and forthcoming events.

For more information about HAYED Üzümiü, please visit their Facebook page.