Fethiye Times News – our pick of what’s been going on in Fethiye and around the region over the last week.

Booking.com expected to resume activities in Turkey

Fethiye Times News Week Ending 1 July 2017

Online reservation portal Booking.com is expected to resume its operations in Turkey, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s Assistant General Manager of Promotions, Ahmet Temurci, confirmed last week.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Ahmet Temurci said “Technical, financial and tax-specific arrangements will be made after talks are concluded. Booking.com may continue to operate in Turkey after fulfilling these requirements,” he said.

Restrictions on Booking.com are solely a domestic issue, and it is still possible for users to make reservations in Turkey from abroad and vice versa via the company’s website.

Turtles with satellite tracking released into the sea at Iztuzu Beach

Two turtles wearing satellite trackers were released into the sea in Dalyan on Wednesday. The turtles were released by members of DEKAMER – Sea turtle research rescue and rehabilitation centre at Iztuzu Beach.

Fethiye Times News Week Ending 1 July 2017
One of the turtles ready to go

Most research conducted on marine turtles is carried out on nesting beaches and well over 90% of a sea turtle’s life is spent in the water — feeding, mating, migrating and doing whatever else a sea turtle does when no one is watching.  The satellite trackers provide important information to help improve the protection of sea turtles.

Click here for more information on how sea turtle tracking works.

Bodybuilder makes false claim for food poisoning contracted in Turkey

Last week we gave you an update on travel advice from GOV.UK about making false insurance claims for gastric illnesses contracted whilst on holiday in Turkey.

This week Leon Roberts, a bodybuilder from Derbyshire, claimed compensation for ‘food poisoning that left him bedridden’ on a Turkish holiday. He was caught out by photos of him tucking into meals and drinking beer – that HE posted on Facebook.

Fethiye Times News Week Ending 1 July 2017
Bodybuilder Leon Roberts was pictured giving a thumbs up as he tucked into his meal while on holiday in Turkey

Roberts told The Sun he was willing to withdraw his claim for compensation!

Click here to read the full article in the Daily Mail.

Holidaymakers flock to Fethiye during Ramazan Bayramı holiday.

Ramazan Bayramı was expected to be busy and it certainly was!

Traffic queued from Ölüdeniz to Fethiye on Monday evening and the new junction struggled to cope with the level of traffic. The gendarmerie traffic teams were kept busy controlling the flow of traffic around the town.

Fethiye Times News Week Ending 1 July 2017

The second day of the holiday saw the beaches around Fethiye packed with holidaymakers  enjoying temperatures of 35 degrees and water temperatures of 25 degrees. A great way to keep cool!

Fethiye Times News Week Ending 1 July 2017
Belceğiz Beach in Ölüdeniz

Over four million people were expected to visit Muğla during Ramazan Bayramı and it certainly looked as though they did!

Fethiye asphalt roads melt due to heatwave

Daily life came to a halt on Friday when temperatures reached 45 degrees, melting the asphalt on the streets.

Fethiye has been affected by extreme heat coming from North Africa since the early hours on Friday. Residents and holidaymakers flocked to air-conditioned shops and restaurants. Some holidaymakers, who chose to go out, found their footwear stuck to the asphalt.

Some headed to the Green Valley at Yanıklar only to find a large part of the road was a pool of liquid asphalt.

Fethiye Times News Week Ending 1 July 2017

One driver, Adem Önal, said  “The weather is very hot and the asphalt has melted. We are going slowly to avoid an accident”

The Fethiye Meteorology Station Directorate have advised that the temperatures will continue until Tuesday.

Turkish Money

The British Pound bought 4.58 Turkish Lira (TL) by the close of business on Friday.

The week before it was selling for 4.45TL.

Weather Forecast

After last weeks heatwave from Noth Africa, temperatures are beginning to drop to more normal levels for this time of year.

You still need to drink plenty of water and wear a high factor sunscreen.