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Jill Erdoğan: A Celebration of a LifeJill Erdoğan

Those of you who knew Jill Erdoğan know that she loved boat trips and, throughout her years in Fethiye, spent many happy days out on the bay.

During her last days, Jill asked that she be remembered in her favourite place, Fethiye Bay.

On Monday 12th June, friends gathered to remember and celebrate the full and varied life of the caring, enthusiastic, bundle of energy that was Jill.

Jill Erdoğan: A Celebration of a Life

Jill had been friends with Güven Altuğ, the owner of Oasis boats, for many years and his wish was that the celebration should take place on one of the boats on which she had spent many happy hours.

Remembering Jill

It was a day filled with happiness and emotion as people remembered Jill. Her kindness, the work she did with Fethiye International Group (FIG), her endless drive and energy, personal memories of times spent together and, grief and sadness at her loss.

Friends shared their thoughts and memories in a small ceremony before flowers were cast, one by one, into the sea and balloons released into the skies above.

Jill Erdoğan: A Celebration of a Life

Jill Erdoğan: A Celebration of a Life

Jill Erdoğan: A Celebration of a Life

Jill Erdoğan: A Celebration of a Life

A beautiful wreath was donated by Günay’s Garden in Kayaköy which was laid on Jill’s grave later in the day.

Jill Erdoğan: A Celebration of a Life

A poem for Jill

Sue Brown recited a short, poignant poem — her own words for a lost friend.

Jill Erdoğan: A Celebration of a Life

Jill Erdoğan by Sue Brown
My dear friend Jill
Suddenly ill
Was brave and strong
But not for long.
It was so quick
When she got sick.
Farewell dear friend.
That is the end.

Jill died in the early hours of 18th May and was laid to rest in a quiet, tree-covered corner of the Keçiler cemetery in the Kaya Valley.

Click here to read Jill’s obituary by Susan Tekin

Textiles recycling bins now on the streets of Fethiye

On World Environment day Mahmut Bayrakdar, Manager of Fethiye Municipality Environmental Protection and Control, talked about how they are adding used textile waste to the recycling collection system. 142 new garment waste stations for the collection of old clothes, shoes and textiles have now been placed around Fethiye.

They’re here!

Have you seen the large purple bins that have appeared at certain recycling points? They’re the ones!

FTN - Textile Reycling
One of 142 textile recycling bins in Fethiye
FTN - Textile Reycling
One of 142 textile recycling bins in Fethiye – with instructions!

All items collected will be used to help the needy so when you’re having that sort out, don’t throw your old textiles in with the household trash (there are clear instructions on three sides of the bin to let you know what to recycle – or not!)

Protect our environment – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Starbucks come to Fethiye

A news snippet for Starbucks lovers – Monday saw the opening of Starbucks in Fethiye at Erasta AVM.

FTN - Starbucks FTN - Starbucks


FTN - Starbucks
Pictured here with District Manager,Sayit Sahin are Store Manager & Coffee Master, Onur İmir and Barista, Aslı.

Temperatures soar in Fethiye

It wasn’t just paragliders soaring this week when temperatures hit the mid thirties.

Holidaymakers and locals made the most of the first real heat of the summer and hit the beaches.

Some sunbathed, others took to the water to enjoy sea temperatures of 24 degrees.

Others sat in shady cafes, enjoying the beautiful scenery of Ölüdeniz and watching the world go by.

23,500 TL in traffic fines given out in a day

The Fethiye Traffic Police Department issued traffic penalties to the tune of 23,500TL on Wednesday.

Fethiye Times News
Photograph courtesy of Hakan Aykırı

There has been a significant increase in accidents recently, particularly involving motorcycles. As a result Fethiye İlçe Emniyet Müdürlüğü Trafik Tescil Büro (Fethiye County Police Department Traffic Registrar Bureau) set up random check points and 53 drivers were issued with fixed penalty tickets for a variety of issues.

Fethiye Times News
Photograph courtesy of Hakan Aykırı

Tickets were issued to drivers not wearing safety helmets. Checks were carried out on documentation and those with missing documents will be subject to criminal proceedings. Some drivers were also be referred to the courts for inadequate driving licences.

Fethiye District Police Department Traffic teams will continue with these checkpoints at different points of Fethiye every day.

The key message to all motorcycle drivers is to wear safety helmets and obey all traffic rules – including making sure you have the correct documentation.

Turkish Money

The British Pound bought 4.47 Turkish Lira (TL) by the close of business on Friday.

The week before it was selling for 4.50TL.

Weather Forecast

Here’s your weather forecast for the week ahead.