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Cruise ships to receive $30 government support per passenger

The Turkish government will give financial support of $30 per passenger to A-group travel agencies bringing 750-plus capacity cruise ships to Turkey.

Photograph courtesy of Go Turkey Tourism

The number of cruise passengers to Turkey increased from 800,000 in early 2000 to over 2 million in 2015.

Last year, as a result of the events in Turkey, most cruise companies removed Turkey from their routes. The government hopes to increase the figure back to 2 million.

Despite the temporary downturn in the sector, cruise companies’ interest in Turkey is rising. Offers are coming from Russia and Ukraine for cruise tours around the Black Sea area. Tura Tourism Chairman, Erkunt Öner, said they have started work on cruise tours on the Black Sea for 2018. “We plan to launch a one-week tour starting from Sochi, Russia to Trabzon, Samsun, Istanbul and back to Sochi,” Öner said.

Royal Caribbean Marketing Director, Cihangir Canıyılmaz, also said that they would run cruises to Turkey in 2018. “Our ships will be on the Aegean coast in 2018.”

Babadağ cable car project

It was announced this week that the tender for the contract to build the long-awaited cable car project, SkyWalk Fethiye, has been won by Kırtur Company.

The project aims to build a cable car system that will take visitors to the top of the world famous Babadağ mountain in just 7 minutes.


Companies were invited to tender for the project on 3 April this year and on Friday, Kırtur Company,  signed the contract at a ceremony at Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FTSO).

FTSO president and Chairman of the Power Union Company, Akif Arıcan, stated they wanted to start the project as soon as possible.

Fire Helicopter back in Fethiye ready for the summer season

The fire helicopter has returned to Fethiye to serve in the fire and rescue operations during the summer season.

Fethiye Times news - Fire helicopter
Photograph courtesy of Hakan Aykırı

The helicopter, which can store 2,500 liters of water at a time, will, once again, be stationed in Fethiye. It will work within the Muğla Forest District Directorate and, in addition, act as support for fires ranging from İzmir to Antalya.

Helicopter pilot Selim Güldere said; “We had intervened in the forest fires in the Antalya region last year. This year we will intervene in all the fires within the Muğla Forest District Directorate. In addition, we are ready to intervene in the fires again from İzmir to Antalya. Our team of 10 will intervene in the air to extinguish the fires in our region.”

Please be vigilant and if you see what you think may be a forest fire or are witness to suspicious behaviour call 177 immediately.

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Who needs a truck when you have a Renault

This photograph was taken by the Kınık News Agency on Friday.

Photograph courtesy of Kınık News Agency

Turkish Money

The British Pound bought 4.50 Turkish Lira (TL) by the close of business on Friday.

The week before it was selling for 4.52TL.

Weather Forecast

Here’s your weather forecast for the week ahead.

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